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How do I reheat my rotisserie chicken?

I bought a rotisserie chicken last night from the grocery store last night but then didn’t eat it because my husband and I were too tired to eat… What is the best way to reheat it for tonight? In the oven? At what temp and how long?

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8 Responses to “How do I reheat my rotisserie chicken?”

  1. Red R said:

    nuke it!

  2. CJ W said:

    Pop that joker in the oven at 350 for 30-45 minutes, periodically check up on it and use the fat from the plastic container it came in and pour it on the chicken to give it back some flavor!

  3. forevatheothalova2007022700 said:

    Very carefully

  4. Kimmy361 said:


  5. Robert S said:

    Simplest & quickest is to microwave it; that won’t burn it,
    (assuming you kept it cold overnight).
    Next choice would be a toaster oven, but wrap in foil.
    That will prevent drying out or burning the skin.
    Third choice, would be a convection oven, at 300-350F.
    Place in casserole dish or metal pan, & cover with foil.

  6. Nikki P said:

    In the oven but not long you just need to re heat not cook it. I would cut it apart, the breast meat will get tough and dry if you heat it to long. If you want to make sure it stays moist pour a little BBQ sauce on it before putting it in the oven that will keep it moister.
    Or cut it up cold add some mayo some fine chopped onion, celery, salt, pepper and some sliced grapes and have a great chicken salad.

  7. H-man said:

    Reheat it covered in the oven, cut into portions for faster heating at 166-175C for 30 minutes.
    Eat it cold.
    Portion it and nuke a few pieces at a time on medium-high power. You don’t really want to cook it, just get it hot.

  8. Tina T said:

    put a couple dot’s of butter on it so it won’t dry out cover and bake on 350 just until warm

  9. fanonx said:


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