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How do I thaw frozen meat ?

Many people thaw frozen meat by leaving it out at room temperature the entire day or quickly placing it in a pot of boiling water, which are two of the worst ways to thaw frozen meat. Thawing meat in room temperature could cause unwanted contamination, while placing it in hot water to thaw could cook the meat partially, which may make the meat flavorless or at risk of bacterial growth.

1) Refrigeration – The best method of thawing frozen meat involves refrigeration and time. In order to thaw meat properly and safe from bacteria, you need to move the frozen meat out of the freezer. If the meat has no contamination signs, like bad odor, discoloration or damaged packaging, place the meat in the refrigerator with 35 to 40°F. Since it is expected for the juices to melt, place a pan under the package to prevent dripping. Make sure to allow time for defrosting the meat. This method is the safest way to thaw meat because the right temperature prevents bacteria growth. However, be aware that a large turkey may take up to several days to thaw completely, while a small package of meat can take up to a whole day.

2) Cold water bath – For those who need to thaw frozen meat more quickly, the cold-water bath can be used. In this method, the meat in its original packaging is placed in a container, sink or compartment with cold water. Make sure to turn the package in another position to make sure it is being defrosted evenly. Change and refill the cold water every 15 to 30 minutes to keep the frozen meat thawing until it has been completed defrosted.

3) Microwave – Most modern microwaves include a defrost setting, which is usually one-third of its capable power. When using microwave to thaw frozen meat, make sure to check often to prevent partially cooking the meat.

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