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How do I train my dog not to leave the property?

I live in the middle of the forest in Costa Rica. I had a little dog that I was training. He was already responding to “come” “sit” stay, go, get away, go to your mat, etc.

When puberty hit though he became more and more adventurous. One day, while I was gone, they told me he just ran away with another dog that comes here for meals, but is untrained. There is a kennel on the other side of the valley. Maybe he was looking for females, we don’t know, but for sure, no local would feed him better than us, so maybe a big snake killed him, or somebody stole him, and now my dog is chained somewhere. How can I train my dog to not leave the property, unless he’s with us of course. I am already going to fix the next one, but training wise?
Considering the answers so far, I should have probably specified that my “yard” is a mountain top and slope of 45 acres. I already have problems keeping the cows in, let alone making a fence all around for a small dog! 🙂
I am mostly interested in answers regarding dog training and psychology than physical remedies. Thanks all!

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8 Responses to “How do I train my dog not to leave the property?”

  1. ladystang said :

    fenced yard. never let out unsupervised.

  2. sunstar said :

    Don’t even think about getting another dog until you have fenced off part of your yard to keep the dog safely enclosed.

  3. mama2znc said :

    I put my Golden on a leash and walked our property line daily. I held the leash loose, and if she strayed from the property line, I’d correct her, first verbally (no) then with a gentle tug on the leash. When she crossed back in, I’d praise her (good girl) and occasionally give a treat. After a couple weeks, I left her off leash and repeated the session. After about a month, she wouldn’t leave the property. No fence, no supervision. Sounds like a lot of work, but good training takes time, repetition, patience and consistency.

  4. Anthony T said :

    put him outside, and pretend to go away, but be watching him, and if he leaves go outside and call him back and just punish him, or yell at him. make him get the message that what he did was not a good thing. there is also a thing you can put in your yard, the perimiter of it, kind of like a fence, and put a special collar on him, and if he passes it, it gives him a slight shock.that might teach him faster

    good luck

  5. berner mom said :

    Fence in your yard OR keep your dog leashed at all times..

    Problem solved

  6. rosemary151 said :

    Get a fence. Honestly, what do you expect to happen if you just let your dog out by himself? Even if a dog is trained to stay in the same area, it can still get attacked by another animal or stolen by a person, and it still has the instinct to chase cars or small animals.

  7. JBroden said :

    Hi! Hope this helps.

    Since canines are highly social creatures, being alone can be quite stressful for them. Fortunately, you can teach your pup to enjoy his alone time, or at least tolerate it. If he never grasps how to do this, you may wind up with a dog who acts out through excessive barking, digging, and chewing – or develops a very serious case of separation anxiety.

    Click the link below for more information.

    Thank you!

  8. Dale M said :

    Dogs get excited when someone comes to the door, and often dash out to see who it is. Although this behavior may seem friendly, it can also be dangerous. A dog can knock over a guest, get in a fight with another dog, get hit by a car, or run away before you have a chance to call him back.
    Teach your dog the basic commands.
    Here it is,


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