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How do I train my dog to run on one side of me?

I love jogging with my dog, but he always crosses in front of me. How can I train him to stop that?

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8 Responses to “How do I train my dog to run on one side of me?”

  1. sllyjo2 said:

    carry bacon in your pocket

  2. Kay kay said:

    just keep his leash a little short. and that should do it.

  3. kurt c said:

    im also traing my dog to do that

  4. chapaton said:

    Use a short leash with a choke collar.
    Give only enough length that he can run right next to you.
    It will choke him if he tries to cross over.
    Also use a verbal cue like Heel, or whichever you would like to train him, using a reward such as cheerios when he does do what is commanded.

  5. Valerie said:

    this is how i trained my dog: i took a treat and bent down while walking. so that way the dog will stay on one side. let him nibble on the treat while walking (make sure he is on a leash…don’t hold it too loose or too tight). if he crosses pull the leash back so he is back in order. once you got it down on the leash, try off leash. then eventually he will run on your side.

  6. The Beast said:

    i run with one of my dogs (no leash). i found that if i throw the tennis ball w/the dog for 5 or 10 minutes before running, the dog is just tired enough that she prefers to stay by my side. if i head straight out running, she’ll do the cross-in-front routine as she explores left, right and center. i would be the behavior could be amended through leash training, but i don’t do that so i’m not the right one to tell you how.

  7. Mehryar J said:

    Do not feed him before you want to take it to a walk or something. Make sure it is hungry enough then hold a meat o Baken in one side of your body that you wish it to walk and do not take it to the other side . Give it to your dog little by little in short intervals. Then in next times put more times between feeding breakes and little by little it will get used to the fact that it should be walking in that specific side to be fed. 🙂

  8. turtle girl said:

    AGH! I want you to be really really careful. One of my very good marathoner friends broke his hip when his dog crossed in front of him on a run. PLEASE PLEASE be careful. Consider not running with him until you get him trained…..


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