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How do I train my dog to tell me when he needs to pee?

He is really good at holding his pee until we take him out, but sometimes, he won’t be able to hold it. I can tell he tries to hold it because there are lines of pee on the carpet from trying not to let everything out as he is walking around, but then at the end of the line, there is a huge pee spot.

I don’t scold him for going on the carpet, but he can tell I’m annoyed. Usually when this happens, he would need to pee again a few minutes later. I’m guessing it’s from not totally emptying his bladder. When this happens, he actually jumps on my lap and starts to kind of tremble, which let me know that ne needs to pee again.

He only does this when he’s already gone on the carpet once though. The next time, he won’t tell me when he needs to go and just goes on the carpet again. This rarely happens, but it just gets annoying when it does happen.

Any ideas on how to train my dog on letting me know when he needs to pee? I take him out about every 6 hours.

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11 Responses to “How do I train my dog to tell me when he needs to pee?”

  1. ga realtor said:

    i’ve never known a dog that could tell people things, but you could try looking in the phone book for a speech therapist. with a lot of encouragement, eventually he may be able to verbalize to you when he has to use the bathroom.

  2. G-Bear said:

    Thats really bad for a hold it like that. Since he can only cool himself thru his mouth and tongue..hell drink lots of water in the summer..

    better yet..why cant you train yourself to let him out at the same times every day and night. My dog gets to go out at least 5 times a day..the last being at bedtime..and he knows the routine we have..and trains himself accordingly..

    but you cannot leave him all day while your at work without water and expect him NOT to need to be let out a couple of times. maybe you should find someone that can help you with this?

  3. cyn1066 said:

    I am not sure how old your dog is but the goal is for the dog to get that its pack leader, you, loves it when he/she goes outside. I would take him out about every four hours and act like he has just discovered cold fusion when he goes. Pay attention to his way of talking to you, does he do anything before he goes. My dog comes up and stares at me when he needs to go. When he was a puppy I began to believe he would never be house trained. I now have a dog that comes to me and puts a paw on my leg to let me know it is time. Keep the faith, remember your dog is worth many accidents.

  4. mizzg706 said:

    a human needs to pee every 3 hours so why would you make your dog wait 6 hours . you need to take the dog out every 3 hours but if in the summer they drink more water more often if not have a patio let them stay out longer. remember it not the dogs fault they cant open the door its all up to you !

  5. Ari Shaw said:

    Cartoon dogs talk but yours maybe dont.

  6. confused(always) said:

    when your about to take him out tell him to sit by the door and then let him out every time u take him out take him to the same spot and through the same door every single time and every time u come home immiditly take him out

    hope that works!

  7. Z and Glory's Mama said:

    If your dog is still a puppy, you can still train him. If not, there’s not much hope in changing his behavior. I found a site on that might help you. Read this and see if it works:

  8. xcurly79x said:

    In my personal experience, we have a dog run at the side of our house and basically you have to take your dog outside ever hour or so until they go potty. When they do (go potty), make a big deal about it (lots of love and treats). Soon they will be waiting by the door/ scratch the door to go out. Some dogs learn quicker than others. My rescue dog figured it out pretty quick, but my puppy who is now 5 mo. still doesn’t understand. I know also a lot of people install a doggie door for their dogs too, so that might be an option so they can go out whenever they want.

  9. babygirl said:

    after a while they usually learn IF you get on them when they do go on the carpet

  10. john d said:

    Have a look here.

  11. m j said:

    Some people hang bells on the door and train their dogs to ring them when they have to go out.

    It sounds like he isn’t being let out enough though, his bladder maybe isn’t able to wait 6 hours. Is he very young or very old?


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