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How do vaccum coffee makers work ?

A vacuum coffee maker is a type of coffee-brewing machine that uses a distinct process in cooking coffee by retaining its strong flavor. Unlike a typical coffee maker, a vacuum coffee maker mixes the components (water and coffee) properly, which results in preserving the coffee’s flavor. However, the strength and flavor of the cup of coffee you make would still depend on the amount of coffee used.

A vacuum coffee maker has two mixing parts – the lower pot and upper pot. As its name suggest, the upper pot sits on top of the lower pot. The pots, which are usually made of glass, are sealed together with a stopper. A tube and filter are attached to the upper pot, while the tube hangs in between the two pots. Below are steps in using a vacuum coffee maker:

1. Add coffee grounds to the upper pot. The amount of coffee added depends on how strong you like the coffee to be. For those who prefer a strong cup of coffee, you can use a tablespoon of coffee with a cup of water.
2. Fill the lower pot with water and place it over a stove or any heating element until boiling point.
3. Place the upper pot onto the lower pot, then seal them together. Pressure on the lower pot would increase, making the water rise up on the tube and flow into the upper pot. This is when brewing begins.
4. Leave the water and coffee mixing up to 4 minutes. Be aware that brewing time depends on the flavor and strength you like on your coffee. Beginners are recommended to experiment using the vacuum coffee maker to arrive at your desired results.
5. Remove the vacuum coffee maker from the heat. During the cooling process, the water would filter down into the lower pot, releasing most of the coffee grounds.
6. Separate the two pots and you can use the lower pot in serving coffee.

The great thing about using a vacuum coffee maker is that the oils and flavors of the coffee are kept and the temperature used is appropriate for brewing coffee. The most popular brand of vacuum coffee maker is Santos.

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