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How do you drink like the boys?

I’m going to a party next weekend and I want to able to drink the hardcore stuff that guys drink. I usually stick to the weak, girly drinks because they taste good. But, I want to be able to keep up wih the guys- what should I do?

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15 Responses to “How do you drink like the boys?”

  1. tommy said:

    take it down very fast and if u rly need to have a chaser like some cranberry juice.

  2. laura g said:

    stick to beer

  3. beautiful said:

    let me let you in on alittle secret girls can handle the taste of hard alchol before guys can. Really. Anyway, once you get a shot or two down give them a few minutes to kick in and after which you really won’t mind the taste so much. after you drink like this a few times you will be drinking with the best of them.

  4. michaelnrdx said:

    Don’t become an alcoholic. Alcohol’s bad for your liver.

  5. xrobynwithay said:

    yeah chasers work.
    you could even plug your nose
    as goofy as you might look 😛
    but it makes that harsh taste go away
    and you breath out when you let go.

    eventually youll get used to it.

    i hate straight hard alcohol.
    its like fire water…

  6. RICHARD K said:

    Three ways:

    .Have a large carb heavy meal like pasta before hand.
    .Drink milk (it lines the stomach and helps to prevent you throwing up)
    .Gulp it down nice and fast then its your livers problem not yours 😉

  7. sarah J said:

    my answer to you is not to bother…. you dont need to drink to be like someone else

  8. ~*~Flaca~*~ said:

    if you can get your hands on some mixed drinks, you will be just fine and not get totally hammered. with mixed drinks you will get to have the “hard stuff” guys like to drink, but you will also have the fruity flavor chicks like. i LOVE bacardi limon & coke. i drank those last night as a matter of fact. yum!

    good luck in finding something you will dig.

  9. Jay W said:

    Alcohol effects women faster because they generally weigh less. If you keep up with the guys, you will probably be more drunk than they are. I would suggest starting out strong- shots or strong mixed drinks, then switch to beer- at the end of the night, if you still have energy, invite everyone for shots- see if they can still hang. I always try to get drunk quickly then slow down so that I can last the whole night without either going to sleep or making a huge ass of myself.

  10. irene k said:

    why would you want to drink like the boys if you are a girl…………can you think of a more positive thing to do

  11. FIAGOTTPF said:

    Some good advice here – if this is really what you wanna do – but do you really want to throw up and pass out? Cos if you’ve never done it before and are trying to keep up with the guys that’s what’ll happen. Personally, I go with what tastes good for me (beer & whisky) instead of trying to keep up with the girls – pastel colored drinks – yeech!

  12. vincent c said:

    after everbody has a few no one will notice who is drinking what or how much, dont even try to keep up just have fun

  13. dogglebe said:

    Expect to get pregnant once you pass out.

  14. Native1 said:

    Well in my opinion you shouldn’t try to ‘keep up’ with the guys you’ll just end up either making a fool of yourself, or ending up in the hospital getting your stomach pumped or something. but since you usually stick with the girly drinks you’ll probably get messed up faster with the hardcore stuff plus guys have higher tolerance than girls so, my advice don’t do it. Dont try to be like other people.

  15. mizlo99 said:

    can’t go wrong with crown and coke……if you want to do shots…do lemon drops… and lemons..mmmmm


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