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How do you drink your coffee with whipped cream on top?

Just wondering, how DO you drink your coffee with whipped cream on top? Do you:

~Mix it into your coffee for it to get a lighter frothier taste?
~Drink the coffee as it is, (risking the whipped cream moustache)
~Eat all the whipped cream and then drink your coffee?

Because I’ve only drank regular coffee without whipped cream, I don’t really get the whole idea of putting whipped cream on top of it, but I would like to try it! And by far, Choice number 1 seems reasonable to me. Please tell me other options!

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7 Responses to “How do you drink your coffee with whipped cream on top?”

  1. Nathean M said :

    mix it in with the coffee to get a creamier tase it will tase heavenly!

  2. Jenna L said :

    Mix it!
    But sometimes i wait and drink the coffee until there is just a little left, then you mix it with the cream so the cream has a slight coffee flavor.

    I’m totally with you on not knowing why they put whipped cream on top, it’s just extra calories. I guess it’s for people like me who crave the fat. haha

  3. MrBuzz said :

    well if theirs a lot of cream on top and its sitting pretty low in the coffee i’d eat the cream because it’d have a nice coffee taste to it

  4. Little Angel said :

    I used to eat most of the whipped cream with a spoon, then stir the rest in my coffee…

    I drink espresso now, so miss out on all the fun – lol.

  5. Jenny B said :

    I just drink it as it is, but to avoid the moustache, I let the coffee sit for a min to let the whipped cream melt a bit, then open my mouth a bit wider than usual(your face is behind a mug, so no one will notice).

  6. truce said :

    i eat just a little bit maybe a teaspoonful of the whipped cream (it’s hard to resist sometimes) then i mix the rest with the coffee.

  7. Lily M said :

    well,my choice is taste a little, and then mix the left,as long as the amount ,it depends on my mood.


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