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how do you learn to play guitar?

i am v. good piano, but i would like to play guitar. are there any free online sites that will help me learn?

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4 Responses to “how do you learn to play guitar?”

  1. Hector V said :

    simple, get lessons

  2. Tom said :
  3. joseldev said :

    I cannot recommend any of the online sites but I can offer a suggestion of a good little book for prospective guitar players.
    Everything You Need To Know To PlayGuitar-by Roger Evans:
    $10.95 Most major books store have it or can order it for you.

    Since you play piano I assume you can sight-read music
    and therefore you will be way ahead of many “new” guitar students.
    Choosing the type of guitar based on your prefered
    musical style is also discussed in this little book.

    Many local colleges and Adult Education community programs do offer guitar classes for beginners. The cost is very reasonable and
    you will have the advantage of being with other guitar beginner players
    to share practice and ideas,

  4. roy said :

    i have free lessons to learn guitar. go to my blog at :


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