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How do you make white chocolate truffles?

I want to make some chocolate truffles for my friend’s birthday because she’s completely in love with them. I have some white chocolate chips handy and when i looked up how to make chocolate truffles, none of them mentioned if I could use white chocolate chips instead.

So my question is, can you just substitute white chocolate for bittersweet in a regular recipe? And if not, then how do you make white chocolate truffles?

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4 Responses to “How do you make white chocolate truffles?”

  1. harlem said:

    Bain Marie…..Portion into balls….Refrigerate…….Bain Marie again (chocolate of your choosing)…..dip refrigerated balls into choc. of your choice……put on rack and refrigerate…decorate with your choosing of decor

  2. dafblaxman said:


  3. Vassilis said:

    Since white chocolate is creamier and has more fat, if you substitute white chocolate chips for bittersweet chocolate, use less heavy cream. I would reccommend addnig a raspberry, the acidity with the sweetness of the white chocolate is a very special contrast.

    If you want to do it the right way, purchase a fine tablet of white chocolate.

  4. Blue hills Granny said:

    YES you can! take a block of cream cheese (8oz) unwrap place in microwave and cook on high 20 seconds dump into a bowl add 1 teaspoon vanilla and 1 cup powdered sugar mix till well blended if you like mix in a cup chopped pecans or walnuts opr even a cup of crus slightly crushed rice krispies .. roll into balls with 2 forks dip the balls in melted vanilla or chocolate chips let excess drip off over bowl .. place on cooke sheet lined with wax paper and let set up you can sprinkle these with chocolate sprinkles or crushed nuts before they set up… Delicious!


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