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How do you prepare homegrown corn for freezer ?

I need to know how people who grow or buy fresh corn prepares it for freezer? Do you cook it first? I plan to put some
up on the cob and some cut off.

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7 Responses to “How do you prepare homegrown corn for freezer ?”

  1. to tell ya the truth........... said:

    I am pretty sure you just peel, wash, blanch and freeze
    but maybe you better google it.

  2. Brynn P said:

    Blanch the corn, then immediately remove it from the water. Drain it very well, then when it cools stick it in freezer bags and freeze. When you want to use it from the freezer, get your water boiling then drop the corn in it but it is VERY important that you do NOT thaw the corn before you cook it, as that will ruin it.

  3. Cyndi P said:

    We wash (rinse) well in warm water and then blanch and place in freezer bags. Blanching is very important – this cuts down on freezer burn. You can get all the details on what you can freeze, how, and for how long from the FDA. I attached the link to their interactive page on freezing food. I have found it is best to use the food saver sealer to seal food for freezing.

  4. chefdebba said:

    I personally enjoy corn frozen off the cob; so cut corn off the cob, put it into a hand held colander, and dip in boiling water for about 30 seconds, immediately remove and dip into ice water for 30 seconds. Put into freezer bags, let cool, then close; lay flat on a cookie sheet until frozen, remove and storeage is easier. You can cook in microwave or on the stove.

  5. mamaflutey said:

    we throw it in raw – in the husk – never had a problem

  6. Gemini's Rock :) said:

    ugh I hate corn 🙁
    just throw it away or give it to poor people.

  7. bob and dolly k said:

    as soon as we picked ours we cut it off the cob washed the kernals off layed them on a cookie sheet and quick froze them,then put them in freezer bags.


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