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How do you start to learn guitar? Do you start by trying to do songs slowly? Or something else?

Im learning by myself, Just by a guitar tabs poster and listening to songs, I can’t afford lessons. Should I try a different way, and I don’t know one thing about the guitar. I’ve had it for like 4 years and just picked it up for litteraly the first time. What should I begin with, and then what’s next?

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7 Responses to “How do you start to learn guitar? Do you start by trying to do songs slowly? Or something else?”

  1. Samuel P said :

    go to a family owned music store and ask them for software. Lessons are the best, though

  2. Italian Soccer God said :

    first learn the notes on the guitar by looking on a website…then learn the chords on the website just google it, then learn songs

  3. MATTHEW B said :

    first i would learn some basic chords just to get the feel of the guitar and getting comfortable with changing you fingers to the right spot. once you know the chrods it will be a lot easier to learn a song

  4. Ray H said :

    Learn to tune it, Very important. Learn basic open chords. Finger exercises. Practice til you puke, then practice some more. Keep expanding, don’t get frustrated. You’ll get there. It ain’t easy, but if it was everyone would do it.

  5. dlekhtman said :

    start by playing iron man. that is one of the best songs for a beginner because its really easy.

  6. Jesse J said :

    I would suggest you learn a few chords first. Power chords preferably. Once you get comfortable with the power chords apply it to songs. Nearly every song involves power chords. Practice with your favorite songs. Once you start hearing your guitar matching up with the songs you will feel more confident to tackle scales and so forth. Ive played guitar for 20 years on and off and I feel this is the best way to get started.

  7. panamaniac said :

    Here is a FANTASTIC website that has free how-to videos on lots of stuff, including playing the guitar. The link here goes to a series of videos that tells you everything from parts of the guitar to how to hold it, tune it, change strings, etc. Then you can click around and find how to play basic chords. I recommend learning G, C, and D. You can play a ton of songs with those 3 chords.


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