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How do you train a dog to speak on command?

I want to train my dog to speak on command, could you please explain to me how to go about this?

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5 Responses to “How do you train a dog to speak on command?”

  1. amanda261679 said :

    if you want to train your dog take it to pet smart they have prices that might be good or bad i am not sure

  2. staceys162000 said :

    this is how it is done. find something that you do that excites your dog. i use food for my dog. gets her to bark everytime. when your dog actually barks, no matter how small, reward, reward, reward! be sure to use a marker word (a word you will use to signal the action), after every time it barks.after that, just repeat getting it excited and hyper enough to bark, reward and repeat until the dog catches on. often, i will use my marker word without the food to see if she can do it on my command. if you tell it to speak and it doesn’t respond to your command, then start at square one until the dog catches on to what you want it to do. now my dog does it to boss me around, lol

  3. JustinsLover said :

    First you should tell your dog to sit then say speak use a hand motion this should help your dog to know what to do. Another thing you could do is their is this show called its me or the dog you should watch it.When you tell your dog to speak do not say no if they do not listen make a loud sound to catch their attention reward if the dog listens.

  4. rdp870 said :

    Take Stacey’s advice. She described exactly how I taught my dog to bark on command (which was halfway on accident). I’ll reiterate:

    Find out how to make your dog bark. I.E. Get it excited with a toy, maybe tease it a little. Basically you want it barking. Then when she’s in a barking mood, you should use a visual command simultaneously with a spoken command to get her to bark. When she does, give her treat. I hold my hand up in a fist and say “speak!”. Once you have taught your dog this, make sure you reward her for doing other tricks just as often as speaking on command. if you don’t, that dog will bark all the time.

  5. Autowerks said :

    I use this method: Get a hot dog or other meaty treat, give your dog a tiny bit, then hold a bit in your hand away fom the dog and say SPEAK! then make growly and barky noises at the dog while waggling the treat. Give it to your dog even if they whine. Reward with treat and GOOD DOGGIE! Continue with this method, tiny pieces of goody for any sound, and soon your dog will speak loudly on command. Then you can modify it to whisper and cry. Great fun for you & your dog. Email me w/ any qs


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