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how does my christmas menu sound my first chrismas that i am cooking?

i am cooking Christmas dinner for the very first time. eeek and found that i am so lost not really on what i want to cook. but what sides to do here is a mock up of my menu but have no clue if it really flows or what to have with a lobster as a side

how would u prepar the lobster

1. french onion soup with provolone cheese
2. tomato basil salad with fresh mozzarella cheese and spring mix greens.
3. stuffed mushroom’s
4 shrimp cocktail
5. fillet Mignon wrapped in bacon with fresh asparagus and roasted potatoes.
6. lemon sorbet
7 Maine lobster whole
8 cheese plate
9 cake coffee not sure what really to do as a cake or dessert

i just need to know what would you have with the lobster or just have some lettuce leaves and have it solo. there is only going to be 5 people and they are all family that’s why i am going a little over its something we just don’t normally do. if this was your menu would u want to change it if so what . i want a really good meal that everyone will enjoy
Corrina……. i just want to get away from what every one has and so traditional i want wow and diffrent meals. everyone just had ham and turkey less then a month ago.
fever you can google all you want but i want peoples personal opinons and btw i got room come down to florida for christmas
oh and btw my family is all from europe org. and we are used to having very large holiday meals now like soup and what not is not a huge bowl of soup yet a smaller crock like you get at a resturant and its only like 4 stuffed mushrooms as a app.

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8 Responses to “how does my christmas menu sound my first chrismas that i am cooking?”

  1. Corinna said :

    What happened to ham, yams, potatos, and pumpkin pie ?????

  2. remo said :

    It sounds delicious

  3. God Of Games said :

    for the lobster, have a dip, thats a definate, but you could just serve it up by itself. some decor would be nice other wise your menu sounds flawless

  4. said :

    Got room for 1 more?? lol 😉
    That looks great, I am sure everyone will enjoy it!!!

    Perhaps maybe if you just have lettuce leaves or something and a dip of some kind – you could always ask your guests what they would prefer 🙂

    Good luck!!!

  5. Awesome said :

    It sounds nice, but maybe you should put in something traditional with your own twist

    Overall it sounds great

  6. THINK said :

    Sounds lovely, but I think thats too elaborate for xmas dinner. You will spend too much time in the kitchen and they will probably be full by the time you get to the lobster.

    I would get rid of the shrimp, and replace with the lobster (lobster is not a main course, the fillet mignon is) I would also forget the mushrooms

  7. Makayla B said :

    that doesnt sound like a christmas meal what about ham or turkey. and pies and potatos and carots and corn

  8. dancerluvxx12 said :

    That sounds Delicious! Plus its very unique.


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