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how i give up smoking?

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4 Responses to “how i give up smoking?”

  1. Tim A said:

    Take the money you save and watch it grow. That would be enough for me. That and I wouldn’t stink anymore.

  2. ? said:

    The only effective way I could do it was just to quit. Remove all ashtrays , lighters, and other smoking accessories from my house, car, etc. Then buy out the entire stock of your favorite gum from your local discount store. You will need it for about a week. Also, when the cravings are very bad It helped me to take a brisk walk.

  3. ♥Martini Shake♥ said:

    Smoke the rest of your cigs – do not buy more – just get through the first few days – then it’s smooth sailing…

  4. laterales said:

    Smoking is more of a psychological addiction than a physical one. If you really want to quit you must discover the reasons why you smoke and then eliminate or change these thought processes. As soon as I dealt with my psychological reasons for smoking I quit, first time and more importantly for good.

    Once you deal with the psychological side of smoking it makes the quitting process easy, no matter your level of addiction.

    Quitting smoking does not require any patches, gums, herbs or anything like that. These methods are expensive, time consuming and simply do not work. All that is required is a bit of motivation, self belief and determination.

    Visit our blog for more information and to download our free book.

    Good Luck and Good Quitting


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