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How long does it take to give up smoking?

Hey, I’m 16 and 1/4, and I started smoking when I just turned 15. I currently smoke around 7 rollies a day on average, although it varies from being 15+ when I’m out with friends, or only 3-4 on some days.

So how long do you think it would take for me to successfully quit, judging from the info above? I’ve tried to quit once before, lasted about a week (although I wasn’t really motivated). Any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks again.
I’m not totally serious about giving up just yet, I just need to know all of the facts and get as much knowledge as possible before I try. To be honest I’m quite impulsive, so I don’t want to give up immediately and then fail a few days later, better to find out as much as possible before I try.

Thanks everyone for the answers.

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6 Responses to “How long does it take to give up smoking?”

  1. KK said :

    It takes as long as you let it.

    Just keep trying. Try asking your doctor?

  2. nemonamz :P said :

    it dosntt really matter how much you smoke
    it depends how much willpower
    use nicotene or something and stick with it

    good luck

  3. Back W said :

    you should be able to quit cold turkey if your really serious about quitting…. I doubt you will quit… but good luck… you could save a lot of money by quitting

  4. RawrzImo said :

    I only smoked for 6 months and for the past 8 I’ve been trying to give it up. It’s the hardest damn thing in the world. Just when you think you’re over it something reminds you of it and dammit you just gotta have one. My only advice is to start a new life where you’re never around cigarettes or old friends or whatever that reminds you of it. Every time I see my friend who gave me my first cig, I want another.

  5. Morpheus New-Age Rainbow Warrior said :

    You have been at it long enough for it to have become a habit. The minimum time to change a habit, by replacing it with another habit, is 21 days due to the way the Human mind works. this is the basis for the “Everything comes in threes”, 3 weeks, 3 months, and 3 years are the hardest times for those who try and give up smoking. I have almost made it to 3 years 4 times. I wish you better luck than I’ve had.



  6. maxstudiokzo said :


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