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How long does it take to see results from a raw vegan diet?

I am going to be starting a raw vegan diet for 2/3 meals a day and cut portions of cooked meals. I was wondering how long it takes to see results. I want to lose weight and become healthier.
Im not doing it to lose weight. Just to live healthier. Though weightloss is a benefit

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17 Responses to “How long does it take to see results from a raw vegan diet?”

  1. Bob H said :

    It should be showing up right about….NOW. Oops, there she goes!

  2. Angus H said :

    Immediately. You get really hungry.

  3. howlettlogan said :

    It depends on how many raw vegans you eat.

  4. Rail said :

    It should be apparent by your fourth bowel movement.

  5. Linda L said :

    that depends on how heavy you are, how much you exercise, how old you are. I’d say you should see a few pounds dropped in the first week. Maybe.

  6. kalseeyumm said :

    The gas should show up in the first few hours.

  7. tetsuwan atom! said :

    Oh not long, you’ll be dead in a month or two.

    Seriously any diet with a name is REALLY unhealthy, try to lose weight slowly by eating sensibly, don’t do a “Raw Vegan”, “Atkins” or any other “fad” diet.

    I have only your best interests at heart you know!

  8. ajisuana said :

    Try this,boiled some vegetables then mix them with coconut milk. eat it with rice,you can add salt & chilly. Eat that only 2 portion a day, 1 portion at 9 am the second at 5 pm. Eat a slice of water melon or a banana per day. i lost 3 kilo’s in 5 days.good luck

  9. Nine M said :

    one week

  10. Joy L said :

    I was vegan for six months, I never lost an ounce . . and as far as health, unless you’re extremely well versed in nutrition, you have a good chance of ruining your health for life . . be careful and read up on human nutrition

  11. Maureen said :

    Raw is good. You should have a feeling of well being within a week. As far as loosing weight goes…..I lost 12 lbs but it took a long time. The benifit is really better health. It is true that you may have gas. Be careful to eat more veggies then fruit or you will throw you system off. Good Luck

  12. missinglincoln said :

    The deterioration should begin almost immediately.

  13. little_morphing_annie said :

    no you are just an angry person its obvious that im teasing to anyone whose not a mean person……..most of them know me and this is an on going teasing fight we are having…see? you just started another war………tsk

  14. hiimehasmile said :

    wow. i wish i had ur dedication. haha. good luck with that.

  15. Rosario M said :

    You will see the result in 3 weeks. Reminder….. no to softdrinks
    Simply drink 10-12 glasses of water.

  16. magpieix said :

    You should never eat vegans raw.

    They should be served at least medium well. Don’f forget to serve red wine.

  17. Firefox said :

    A full vegetarian diet without a doctor’s advice is stupid. So would be a full meat-based diet.
    Since we are omnivorous human beings, that means that we need to eat all sorts of foods to be able to adquire all the necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients for our subsistance.
    Eating only vegetables is as unhealthy as not eating vegetables at all!

    Most vegetarian diets are unhealthy and do not guarantee you weight loss. You could end up with vitamin K or iron deficiency, or many nutritional problems such as anemia or weak defenses.
    If you are still planning to go on with this, which I strongly advise against, at least try asking for a nutricionist’s advice before doing it.

    To answer your question, the results should start to show after two weeks or even a month….


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