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How much does it cost for a 30 pack of Bud Light or Coors where you are from?

My hometown (in MA) charges about 25 or 26 the town where i go to college (PA) charges around 22/23. What is it by you and where do you live?

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6 Responses to “How much does it cost for a 30 pack of Bud Light or Coors where you are from?”

  1. Peter R said :

    CT its 22-25. the store I work at in Greenwich charges 28 out the door

  2. The Beerman said :

    Any price is too high. Buy real beer instead.

    NW Pa

  3. salt and peppy said :

    Around here, we don’t have Bud Light in 30-packs. Not sure about Coors. A case of Bud Light runs around 16.99 plus deposit.

  4. Bees Knees said :

    Stop buying that garbage.
    I don’t pay any attention to bud
    but when I was buying harpoon IPA at Wal-Mart last night,
    someone I was with pointed out the bud 30 was $15

  5. chefgrille said :

    I need to get Miller and Coors tomorrow morning. Watch your sales ads. I (in CA) can get 30 packs of those at CVS this week for $17.99 a case. Never buy them for over $20 if you can help it. Someplace in the city will always have them for under twenty bucks. And our Wal-Mart has 36 packs for about $21. That is, if they can even keep them in stock.

  6. bigralso said :

    Welcome to Canada. BC home of 2010 Olympics. Bud light or Coors light 30X355ml cans $52.00


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