how to give up pot smoking?

I have been smoking herb for about 3 years. Im 15 and I smoke every few hours each day along with cigarettes. I was able to give up cigarettes recently after being sick for about a week, but I still smoke tree. Is there anything I can do to put getting high behind me? However, I hate rehabs and i have been to many classes. I just need to do this for myself. But how can i make it happen instead of saying it will?

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7 Responses to “how to give up pot smoking?”

  1. muffin.addict said:

    Why would you wanna do that?

    Try doing things to keep your mind off it.

  2. zombie.society said:

    Quitting cigarettes is ironic since they’re addictive and pot isn’t.

    Just quit like a grownup.

  3. Tales said:

    find a new hobbie. Football, soccer, golf anything, try a gaming console, Wii, ps3 etc. Get new friends

  4. DW said:

    You just need willpower mate. You cannot get addicted to weed physically, just mentally. The fact that you have quitted cigarettes shows that you can as they are mentally and physically addictive!

    Good luck

  5. butter_banger said:

    Hello friend, im likewise. Quitting pot for some can be as easy as chucking an empty can of soda in the trash and for others, it can take a whole lotta effort. The truth is anything can be addictive.. even spring water. I was a herb smoker before aswel. and after smoking for 4 years i found that all those times when i was high i really wasted precious time during which i couldve done other productive work. But quitting just like that is hard. try cutting down to smoking on friday evenings only. At least cut down a large portion of ur consumption. Get used to the weekend treats. later on summon a huge weed fest at urplace and invite all the people whom u usually smoke with. Explain them that ur gonna quit pot and eventually stop meeting those people atleast for 2-3 months cause anyone u smoked with will get u smoking again. And totally stop purchasing pot. thats about it i guess.. and remember weed aint a drug. but anything is addictive. even porn.

  6. xxRedRobinxx said:

    well, i think, if you want to quit, and you need to do it for your self, then whats the big deal? just quit.
    i started smoking when i was 14, and now im 16 but my parents found out and sent me to drug rehabs, and marijuana annonmous, and i think its rediculious how people say they are addicted to it. if you want to smoke pot, then just smoke it and go on with your life.. if you dont want to smoke then put it down, and go find something else to do with your time. you dont need a class, or rehab, just go out and do somthing productive with your free time. like, go to the movie, or bowling or shit like that.
    good luck.

  7. The EgyptMan said:

    weed isnt addicting, its all in ur head. just dont smoke, thats all…
    keep urself busy with other things if it helps


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