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How to give up smoking?

I’ve been smoking for three years…sometimes i smoke 4 cigs a day sometimes over a packet. I want to quit smoking but it’s quite hard because here we have no medical centres dealing with this issue. One the other hand i do not have a support group cheering for me.
recently i’ve bought some pills to keep me off the smokes but they only seem to contribute to the craving and make me want to smoke more and more.
another problem is gaining weight.after 3 consecutive attempts at giving up the habit i gained 30 pounds after them.
i feel at a loss here. what should i do and how. thank you
i have started smoking only half a cig or take only a few puffs when i feel the urge, but whenever i go out with my friends i cannot help myself not smoking…

and again … need some info on “managing” my weight during the process

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8 Responses to “How to give up smoking?”

  1. smiti s said:

    try keeping clove or non smoking chewing gum whenever u feel the urge.

    start exercising.initially you will not have the stamina but it generally hits you that you can do even simple things like jog 100 meters so to build up the stamina you start exercising and give up on smoking.
    psychology my friend it happened with me.
    go ahead try it and all the best.

  2. byron101540 said:
  3. emma-me said:

    When I quit smoking, I always was chewing on gum or sucking on a dum dum sucker. And I didn’t quit “cold turkey”. I slowly stopped. for a week i would smoke like 3 a day, and then the next week i would smoke 2 a day, and then 1 a day, and then i would spend a week only smoking half of one. it seemed to work really well for me. but everybody is different. some people are able to stop just like that. and you also need to quit at a time when you can stay busy, so you don’t have time to think about it. and when i quit i really didn’t gain any weight. just make sure you always have a pack of gum on you~

  4. kolorz said:

    The only people who I have ever heard quit smoking did it by cold turkey. Until you make up your mind to stop you will continue finding excuses. Good luck! Smoking is just as bad as any other drug addiction.

  5. sic-n-tired said:

    i smoked for over 30 years. a year and a half ago, i had open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve. that was enough incentive for me. you’ve known no pain until they crack you open like a chicken.
    another thing you might try, is to set up a savings account or even a jar, and deposit all the money that you would have spent on smokes. you’ll be surprised at how fast it builds.
    i personally recommend cold turkey. you’ll feel more empowered, and you’ll avoid the risk of depending on a substitute.
    good luck, and good health

  6. Amanda K said:

    I smoked for 10 years, a pack a day. Last August, I just decided that I was going to quit. After most every I knew did not have any faith in me and kept telling me that I couldn’t do it, that I was too heavy of a smoker, I still did it. I quit cold turkey. I went to work one day and I smoked all my cigarettes before I went to work. I didn’t have a job that I could take smoke breaks at, so I didn’t smoke while I was at work. When I got off, I was out of cigs and I jsut didn’t buy anymore. The thing is, it truely all really is in the mind. If you seriously want to quit, if you’re truely ready, that’s all you have to do is put them down. If you’re not serious about really WANTING to quit, you can’t do it.

    My aunt also recently quit. There is a new medication out and you take it for one month. I can’t remember what it’s called for the life of me, but I know that it effects the chemical in your brain that niccotein triggers. It makes cigarettes taste horrible and make you want to puke. It worked for her pretty well. The only thing is, you have to have a perscrition for it, obviously.

  7. Madeline said:

    I believe you should get yourself together.
    Firstly, you need to work out on a daily basis.
    Secondly, try to get the opinion of one or more doctors.
    Thirdly gradually cut down on the number of cigs you smoke. I know you can borrow from friends and all but try not to. keep an empty packet at hand and put 3 cigs in it every day and have only those cigs with you, like a ratio …or if 3 cigs is too drastic for you, start up with a number you feel best comfortable with and try to lower the number every other day(that is how it worked for me)
    You could also try to find a close friend of yours that smokes and try to talk him/her into not smoking.
    walk more, in the evening, in the park, avoid crouds of smokers, avoid going out with people that smoke or at least try sitting in the no smoking section
    i really hope it helps. i haven’t smoked in 2 years

  8. Generic Medicine said:

    first take the decision that you want to quite from smoking keep busy yourself with other activity.

  9. Buy Superlash online said:

    Smoking is very dangerous for our health


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