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how to give up smoking and enjoy living?

being a chronic one , how should one give it up? as it is linked to the various ageing process…

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7 Responses to “how to give up smoking and enjoy living?”

  1. cedric t said:

    You cant give up smoking AND enjoy living too. No, never gonna happen.

  2. ildi said:

    sorry i cant help you.i smoke since i was i am 25,5.but one day i will give it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!i hope so.

  3. whitetrashwithmoney said:

    Didnt your daddy ever tell you quiters never win. If the smoking dont kill you something else will.

  4. Anne C said:

    this site has chat, quit calander,quit tips and so much more check it out …….

  5. Blue Flowers said:

    Just absolutely refuse to do it.I was a 2 and a half to 3 pack a day smoker almost 2 and a half years ago. I’m still smoke free and proud I did something good for myself. I smoked for 30 years of my 42.

  6. hello_world_thisisme said:

    u can do anything if u make an effort,use your willpower!

  7. lalaland...123 said:

    please don’t believe the people who told you that you CAN’T enjoy life after giving up smoking. number 1, that’s not a reason for you not to quit. number 2, there are so much success stories out there who gave up smoking for good and are living better right now. my uncle is one of them. he was a chain smoker, but decided to give it up because my other uncle was a respiratory therapist — successfully, he gave smoking up and does not look for it anymore. in fact, he would even lecture other younger kids how smoking is bad for the health (because he has had lung problems.)

    just a trivia: do you know the most common cause of death among smokers? it’s not emphysema and it’s not lung cancer (they rank 2 and 3) — it’s heart attack. ever heard of a person who has had a heart attack eventhough he/she had a good cholesterol level?

    if you quit smoking even just for 1 year (of course you should do it permanently. why go back?) you cut your risk for heart attack by 50%!

    how do i know all of these? while in school, i studied cardiopulmonary pathology which was conducted by an actual pulmonologist/cardiologist (he specializes in both). and why would he lecture on stuff that’s not true? everything i told you above are facts and studies that were actually conducted.

    the only way to quit smoking is to quit it cold turkey. there is no “weaning off” — of course, expect the first few weeks to be really tough. imagine people who have been a drug-dependent — they actually go to rehab for that, and there were many success stories. drugs actually have stronger addicting properties than smoking, if they can quit drugs, what more can you quit smoking. i know it’s not that easy… but don’t be discouraged by other people. it’s bullsh*t when they say you can’t be happy when you quit smoking… well, if you don’t — i guarantee you, when you get sick — not only will you be unhappy, you will be miserable.

    try to review the questions posted here under respiratory diseases — and you could see desperate emphysema patients looking for cure. there is none.


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