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How to make a food concept?Can you please teach me where to start?

I’m planning to build a restaurant,but i don’t have food concept yet?I would like ask ur food concept.

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4 Responses to “How to make a food concept?Can you please teach me where to start?”

  1. Jerry said:

    In tough times, restaurants go in and out of business faster than they can remodel the buildings.

    Work on this principle; make money in volume. Give good value for the money. Plenty of food, and a reasonable profit, but don’t gouge the customer.

    In Southern California there has been a chain called NORM’s for more than 50 years. Mostly gone now as the family has died off and the areas changed, but the remaining restaurants are open 24/7 and always busy.

    Across the US in small towns there is a restaurant chain “Golden Corral” ALWAYS mobbed. Good food, and lots of it, reasonable.

    If you want tres elegant…’re asking for trouble and throwing your money away if you don’t have the perfect area, clientele and a real talent for presentation. Remember MOST businesses go broke within five years. So play it safe.

  2. carlota said:

    Oh, that you were local. I live in Georgia and would love to manage the kitchen in a Puerto Rican restaurant.
    Something with Latin flair, Cuban, Puerto Rican. Not Mexican but Caribbean theme.
    Also incorporating Mediterranean food, using all ingredients fresh, cooked from scratch.

  3. bottles said:

    Dear Anthony, I wish you well in your endeavor. I have helped hundreds of restaurant owners either start,develop, or re-start their restaurant. I’ve seen so many good, hard working individuals start their dream and then get hit in the face with the many ‘realities’ of owning their own business and a restaurant at that. Then there’s your question, ‘the concept’. Give yourself 2 points for asking the question. Many go blindly into the business. Many spend their savings, take an early retirement and buy a restaurant that they have frequented. They think that after seeing the mistakes of the previous owner they will surely correct them and this place will be a ‘goldmine’. A concept is an essential element on the path to success. I do have some ideas for you, but I would need some demographic information first. Location, population, average income, average age(is it a family area or more of a senior community). What’s nearby? Factories, homes, shopping centers etc. If you can elaborate, I could help you. Contact me through an *edit to your question or email.

  4. Sugar PIe said:

    What kind of food to you like to eat? What kind of food do you wish were readily available in your area, but is not?

    You can build a concept around service, take-out, health-consciousness, or even blue-plate specials… doesn’t have to be a “food” concept per se (like burgers, wings, sit-down, short order, etc.)

    Just think about what makes your socks go up and down, that would make you excited to get up every morning to go to work. THAT’s your concept.


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