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How to teaches a dog to become more obedience?

I have a golden retriever that is 1 year and 2 months old. He is very active, and does not listen. Whenever no one home, he will destory everything in the house. What can I do to control him and make him become more obedience. I am getting tired for his attitude. My last dog was not as crazy as this one. Please help me out!

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14 Responses to “How to teaches a dog to become more obedience?”

  1. ღThE OnE said:

    Hit it with a rolled up newspaper. Put him on time out. You can go to Petsmart..and they give you obedience lessons there.

  2. Ben said:

    around 3-4 months

  3. Mexican dude said:

    Hit it until it listens.
    Break it’s spirit, only then will you have power over him.
    Remember: It is better to be feared than loved!

  4. chen-chen said:

    Just be patient in teaching your dog with tricks….

  5. Sparkles said:

    Take him to dog obedience classes. They will teach you how to deal with him. Not meaning to insult your dog, but they don’t catch on really well about learning if they are this old, but they can be taught. It will take time and consistency.

  6. ms_sunshine18 said:

    You’ve already said he is very hyper. Thus, that is the reason why u cannot coop him up in the house. Big dogs needs room to run and work off the excess energy. It is very important to bring them for long walks and play cuz they need all the release of the energy. As for obedience, find a good obedience training school and enrol him in it. You’d soon see the difference between a trained dog and an untrained one! Good luck!

  7. SCH.skis said:

    You need to give the dog some excersize for one, take him out and play fetch. When you leave him at home alone use crating as an option so he cannot run around and go wild. And most of all find a good trainer to help you with his behavioral problems.

    Hitting him will do nothing but make him try and do these bad things secretly rather than stop the bad behavior. All dogs are different and since he is a golden chances are he will calm down by the age of 2 or maybe slightly older.

  8. a gal and her dog© said:

    Get him to a training class. Also, make sure you’re walking him twice a day and letting him run off-leash whenever possible to burn off extra energy!

  9. savethepitbulls67890 said:

    1. Sign up for obedience classes.
    2. Crate train your dog
    3. Exercise DAILY

    Your dog does not have an attitude problem. You need to put the time and effort into training him…this is your responsibility as a dog owner. If you refuse to do these things, then you are the one with the attitude problem.

  10. julie d said:

    A good idea would be to crate train your dog so that he can go in to the crate when you go out-he will not be able to wreck your house when you are out this way and it is not at all cruel.
    Does he get enough exercise?He would need at least one hour long run a day off lead-otherwise this can cause dogs to be destructive.
    Finally praise the good behaviour and tell him a firm ‘no’ and look at him when he is naughty-you must be consistent though.
    Good luck!

  11. angelchild said:

    You shouldn’t leave a dog of that age alone with nobody there for more than 5hours ideally.
    Is he getting enough excersise? A dog of that age and breeding needs at least one walk of a min of 45mins daily. Play with him to let off excess energy and consider dog classes make sure he gets socialised with other dogs and be patient, all dogs are different.

    Also, check his diet, dogs go hyper like little kids. Talk to a vet and get a plan for hyper dogs..! Have fun with your doggy!!

  12. ~* BREE *~ said:

    Does your dog Jump on yourself and other People? Retrievers usually do that. It is easy to train a dog not to jump. Does he get excited everytime you walk in the door? will he jump? When you go to see your dog the first thing you do is dont give him eye contact and dont face towards him. He will soon settle down and then you may pat him. clicker training i believe is where the dog has an electric collar on and when it miss behaves you have a little remote and push the button and it gives the dog a little shock. after a couple of good shocks your dog will be best behaved. keep in mind Retrievers can be hyper so be patient.

    Hope i Helped, BREE xoxo

  13. z8bm said:

    Take it to a dog park!
    Since it is a puppy it needs to work his legs and build muscle that it needs.

    Crate him. before you put him in say the word “Crate” and put him in and then give him a treat so he knows later to automatically go to the crate.

    Teach him to sit.
    And if he jumps, dont turn that into a habbit!
    if you take him to dog parks or for walks you
    do not want you dog jumping on other people!
    so when he does, say down, and sit. then give
    him a treat. and make sure when you walk in the
    door have him sit for you so whenever someone
    walks in he doesnt go and jump on every person

    have him stay.
    after you get him to sit try to have him stay.
    do this by having him sit somewhere then slowly
    walking backwards (so your facing him) and then
    as you are doing this say stay. if he gets up and
    runs towards you, bring him back to the spot that
    he was staying at and tell him to sit. and keep doing
    this until he has it down (once again, treats always work)

    then use “Come”
    after you have sit and stay, you can use the word “come” when you want him to come.

    if barking say “no bark” and if he stops tell him good dog.

    and if he bites, hit lightly on the mouth and say “no bite”

    so if he is always jumping and barking train him to learn
    “crate” “Down” “sit” “stay” “come” “No bark” “no bite”

    you can’t give up on him. training a dog is hard work, and trust me, i know from my bfs 5 month old puppy. but this is what we did and he picked up on everything really quickly.
    just remember BE CONSISTENT! do things the exact same every time,
    and if he is jumping and disobeying-crate him.
    tell your family/friends..whoever is going to be around him and tell them how you are training him and make sure that they are doing the same things you are.

    good luck!
    be patient!
    and go run him around at dog parks 🙂
    hope this helped!

  14. Pat B said:

    I think you need to put a little effort in here to train your dog.

    He’s probably hyper because he’s not getting enough exercise. Goldens of this age need at least two walks a day, preferably for about half an hour each time. This will help to calm him down. If you have to go out of the house for any reason then make sure you walk him before you go. This way he will settle more easily and not be so destructive.
    Get him a Kong and fill it with some of his daily ration of kibble. This will help to keep him busy if you’re not there.

    He also needs to be able to run off leash somewhere to get all that pent up energy out of him.

    If you put in the time with him he will be a much calmer dog.

    I have two pups, now 10 months old, and they would be hyper if they weren’t exercised every day, as would the rest of my dogs.

    Take your dog to a training school where he will learn to become more socially acceptable.

    I would also look into the type of food you are feeding him. Does it contain a lot of additives or preservatives for instance. This can also contribute to the fact that he is hyper,

    You also need training to become the Alpha. You are letting the dog rule you because you have no control over him.

    Try pretending to eat his food before you put it down for him.
    The Alpha in the Wolf Pack has the best pickings and the insubordinates have to wait to see if there are any leftovers when he has finished. By doing this you will be enforcing your role as leader. Never let him go through a door before you do. Tell him to ‘wait’, then invite him to follow you.

    All these things are dealt with at a good training school and I am sure, with a little effort on your part, you would see a big difference in your dog before long.


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