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How to train my dog and keep him entertained?

I had three dogs but we couldn’t handle them so we gave two away. Now I want to keep the remaining one entertained and not sad and get his mind off the other two. It would be nice if I could train him. But i really need like guides to train my dog or something.
Joining a class is not an option for me =[ I’m only 12

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8 Responses to “How to train my dog and keep him entertained?”

  1. jamez j said:

    kick the mutt with your boots!!!

  2. EssJay said:

    join a training class, perhaps agility?

    at 12 you can join an obedience class and there are junior handling associations.

    At 12, you should not be on here !

  3. doxie said:

    Enter an obedience class. They will tell you how to train your dog. It will keep your dog entertained, help with socialization and make him a better citizen. You will have training exercises to do at home and you can play games too to keep his mind active.

  4. *Sweet' n Sour* said:

    Buy toys to keep your dog entertained especially if you leave the house a lot and be sure to go to a dog trainer expert to train your dog too. But, make sure your dog doesn’t have separation anxiety.

  5. en said:

    uh take him on long walks, treats help, be patient, and good luck!

  6. Alex K said:

    as you train your dog give him a lot of treats or play with him as a reward it will really work and show your dog how much you appreciate him

  7. H C said:

    studying tried methods and being persistent with them:

  8. Jackie said:

    Hi, I once adopted a dog from the local shelter and I had a terrible time trying to train him. Whenever he was left alone he would make a real mess! Anything I said was always just a suggestion to him that he could ignore. He was so rambunctious. He would not do anything I said.
    I tried lessons with the local trainer but those didn’t work! But then I found a great dog training book series called “My Dog Tutor”. I got my hands on these books and was able to fully train my dog in 4 weeks, I was so proud.
    Now I’m thinking about adopting a 3rd dog because it’s just so easy to train them now!


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