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How well does green tea really help with conception?

What type of green tea should i buy if it does help? Or do green tea supplements work better? If so, what would be the dosage and how often to take them?

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2 Responses to “How well does green tea really help with conception?”

  1. Megan C said:

    I dont know hun but I hope it works good I’ve been guzzling it down for a month now and I think its rank lol! Ive just been drinking regular green tea bags (with ginseng and lime)

  2. betty said:

    No it’s not, as a matter of fact you aren’t supposed to drink too much when you are pregnant (I dont know about concieving). Like everything else, in moderation it is good for you. I drink like it crazy, I love lipton decaf green tea and drink a jug a day (Im not pregnant) You should try it, it taste more like regular tea than any out there. Dr. Shettles “How to choose the sex of your baby” is a great book for info like that, no matter if you want to choose or not it has alot of good info in it.
    Also, I got pregnant the first month I tried with all three of my boys but now that Im drinking it daily we cant seem to get that girl we are waiting for, its been 4 months already.


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