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Hypnotized to give up smoking?

I am getting Hypnotized to quit smoking next weekend, can anyone who has done this and it HAS worked please tell me there stories – PLEASE PLEASE don’t tell me any about it not working, I want to go completely beleiving in it, so that it will work for me!!

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One Response to “Hypnotized to give up smoking?”

  1. TechWG said:

    I know of several cases, where Richard Bandler has hypnotised people to quit smoking. If the hypnotist is skilled, they can do almost anything!

    You can create amnisia for ever smoking, so that you go away from there, and you think you have never smoked.

    You can associate something unpleasent with smoking, so that it repulses you.

    You can associate good feelings to looking at other smokers, and cigarettes in the knowledge that your more healthy than they are

    You can make it so that there is a trigger you can fire off so you get the biggest nicotine high withought having to smoke or have any side effects.

    If i were you i would ask them to make it so you can feel like you had the best cigarette of your life, when ever you want by installing a post hypnotic command, or in NLP installing an anchor, so you can bring back the sensation and feeling stronger than you ever had it to begin with.

    btw, you dont need to believe in it, because hypnosis is natural and you do it every day, in small ammounts. Its a basic function of life.


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