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I can I learn to play guitar and sing?

I can play guitar kinda, and I can sing pretty well, but I can’t do both at the same time? I keep strumming at the same rhythm as the vocals or forget to sing because I’m hitting the chord.

How do I get over this?

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6 Responses to “I can I learn to play guitar and sing?”

  1. Tree said :

    all i can tell you is practice practice practice get the notes on the guitar so memorized that you dont even have to think about it while singing
    Good luck dont give up every one has trouble with this dont get frustrated

  2. Pranav Pant said :

    Keep practising & one day you’ll achieve it.
    All the best!!!!!!!

  3. e o said :

    well, i can’t sing very well, but i can play guitar and sing. First, I know it’s way tough, but you can do it. You say that you can kind of play guitar, and it might just be that you haven’t practiced enough. Basically the method i use for trying to sing and play is that I start out very slowly which makes you sound terrible. But alright you sound terrible there is no way to go but up. Next, I just try to memorize a specific phrase of wards with each individual strum, then i slowly speed up. Before you know it, you’ll be playing and singing the song.

  4. Questioner said :

    practice…LOTS! and then you will be able to both perfectly 🙂

  5. snapperh3ad said :

    It’s a skill that you can develop, just like anything else. Practice, practice, practice. The best place to start is with simple songs that have a simple rhythm, and build up from there.

    What will really get you where you need to be, though, is independence of your mouth from the rhythm in your hands. It’s a similar skill to what drummers have with hand and foot independence. All 4 limbs can be doing something different at any time, and the better you are the better your ability to do more things at once.

    I had a lot of luck early on by picking a rhythm to play with my hands (anything that wasn’t necessarily complementary to what I was singing), playing that, then humming or singing a melody over the top. If I messed up, I’d stop and start again. I began adding chords later after that skill was in place.

    If you only “kinda” play guitar, the first, best thing you can do is learn how to play the guitar WELL. If you are barely able to make it through the song and having to closely watch your hands, adding singing only complicates matters. You need to be able to get your hands into position with little to no thought.

  6. Mike D said :

    Start with songs that you absolutely know every word to and can sing without thinking… Seriously, try something like the national anthem.. If you have to read the words and play at the same time, the learning process will take much longer. I’ve been playing for 10+ years, and the last 3 were spent learning on how to do that… I finally am at the point that i feel comfortable playing infront of crowds…


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