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I drank a lot, how long does it take to get out of my system?

I drank about a whole bottle of yagger and 2 bottles of sky vodka and a couple beers last night and yes I threw up a lot, so how long does it take to leave my system????

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6 Responses to “I drank a lot, how long does it take to get out of my system?”

  1. Tom ツ said:

    24 hours

  2. TE said:

    Alcohol out of my system? Death., Out of your about a day.

  3. Kelvin said:

    how long I am not sure.However,you can always go on a detox plan or take detox pills if you’re worried about your health.

  4. RunningBear said:

    Roughly an hour per unit.

  5. James Redmond said:

    That much? You won’t feel so good for about a week, but the alcohol will be gone after 2 days.

  6. BEER said:

    You know it will take many hours to clear out your blood of that volume of alcohol. Make a visit to the doctor who can help you be rid of it at a much more accelerated pace.

    Yahoo Answers is a cesspool of ignorance.


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