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I want to enter my new dog in obedience trials shes an ess?

Do I need to look for a specific trainer for this or just an ordinary trainer? Also, does anyone know how to get started doing this?
also do you think this is a pretty name
Svenya’s caddence? Caddence would be her pet name used every day.
ESS=English Springer Spaniel. Also, I am in Germany, and will use a private trainer no pet smarts or major companies/corporations

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5 Responses to “I want to enter my new dog in obedience trials shes an ess?”

  1. star4danielle said:

    what is an ess? a breed? sorry i dont know. -but petsmart offers pet training- or look on yahoo yellow pages put in your town and search for dog training, pet training, dog obedience, things like that- call and they will get you set up- your dog will have to be up to date on shots and have a shot record for the place- please take her to training program that is positive (praise and treats) not somewhere where they yell and hurt the dogs!

  2. Sirena Doren said:

    Well, there’s no such thing as an ordinary trainer. And it’s hard to find a good trainer… Especially at a low cost. I’d suggest calling around in your area, asking what training programs are available, discuss with them what you’re trying to accomplish with the classes and things like that. I get the impression you might just need some basic puppy training courses which are fairly cheap and are usually in the form of classes that you and your pet take with other pets and their owners. The one thing I can’t stress enough is be selective. If you don’t like the trainer, the course, the methods, whatever… If you’re not comfortable then you’re not comfortable for a reason and you need to find a trainer and a course that works for you and your dog. Never think that you’re being paranoid or too particular… When it comes to the upbringing of your pet, just like with your kids, you can never be too particular. Good luck to you and your canine companion!

    Oh and… I just have to add, never go to PetsMart for their training courses. They’re too short, they’re not in a good environment for your dog to be able to concentrate and learn and they end up being overly stimulated and unmanagable. I know too many people who have paid too much money for a PetsMart training course that didn’t help them accomplish anything.

  3. bassetnut said:

    Look for a trainer that actually competes successfully in obedience. Trial training IS different from pet training. You want someone that is familiar with the current rules and knows what your dog needs to be able to do.

    Springers are usually good obedience dogs. Remember to have fun!

  4. ginbail said:

    An ordinary trainer will teach you the moves, but he might not know much about requirements and scoring at an obedience trial. Check the AKC website for Obedience Clubs in your area. Most Obedience Clubs offer training in exactly what you’re looking for. They’ll keep you informed about up coming trials and other relative information. They can teach you what it takes to put obedience titles on your dog. If they don’t offer training, they can refer you to trainers in the area that train for obedience trials. The biggest advantage of participating in an obedience club, is that you’ll hook up with other dog folks with similar interests.
    Good luck.

    Added: Sorry, I didn’t realize you are overseas. However, the answer is the same … seek Obedience Clubs in your area.

  5. SC said:

    An ordinary trainer will do fine for the beginning. i would start going to obedience shows and make friends with people. They will be your best resource for finding good trainers to teach you the more refined work you’ll need for the ring.


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