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i want to give up smoking??!!!?

hi there, i really need some extra advise on giving up smoking ive been to my doctor who provided patches gum and all sorts but nothings worked everytime i try and give up i get so stressed i lose my temper over the smallest things and always bite someones head off so i end up lighting up again my uncle suffered a stroke a few months back and im now determined to give up but the stress and anger is makeing me cary on please help!!????

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8 Responses to “i want to give up smoking??!!!?”

  1. betty_boop20002 said:

    CHANTIX!!!!!! It works WONDERS!!!! Talk to your doctor about a starter pack!

  2. girl from canada said:

    I don’t have any advice really since I’ve never smoked. Just keep at it, keep reminding yourself of why you’re doing it, and talk to people who have/are going through the same thing. Get support from your friends/family- they must appreicate it too.

    Just wanted to say good for you!!! You’re doing the right thing. It’s tough, so the best of luck. It’s so worth it.

  3. Hopefully Helpful said:

    It sounds like you are able to give up smoking but you are having a problem with anger.
    Perhaps you can figure out how to manage your anger so you will not have to light up again.

  4. Peter D said:

    i’ll read everyones answers to you cause i’m in the same situation. smoking is killing me and its f-ing scary how addicted i am. omg! we both need help or we’ll die miserably! i’m serious
    i think i am going to try chantix now. e me and let me know if you hear anything good. the sick thing is i’m going to have a cig now. i’m not trying to be funny. I hope we both find help.

  5. Bre said:

    well u really need a reason why to give up smoking…if u dont have a reason why there really is no drive to keep u going….if u really want to stop u will…and u will feel much better when u do….

  6. Sandy M said:

    Look up natural ways to quit smoking, I too am trying 2 quit, have smoked more than 30 years. I have been desperate for help too. Have tried to quit soooooooo many times. I couldn’t go cold turkey. I am taking St. John’s Wart 3 times a day. The site I found talked all about the down side of the gums and patches. I have cut down from 1 pack a day to 2-3 cigs a day. Some days none at all. I am doing very well and not all stressed or “witchy” like the other quits in the past. Hope this helps.

  7. butterfliez2002 said:

    my dad quit smoking a few years back…plus you can save money to in the long run. I say quit and save money in the process, see how much money you save.

  8. pooterilgatto said:

    I am here to thank God for you, and Peter D, You both have a will, to give up those smelly old cigarettes, and where there is a will there is a way. Indeed there is an addiction to nicotine, It is not so easy, but remember it is possible. Some people will just simply say I will not smoke again, and quit “cold turkey” suffer all the after effects for a while,and they are smoke free.Others may try fail and try again until they finally accomplish getting off the nicotine. It can be done gradually by smoking less. Cut one or two cigarettes every day until you are down to three,.and then quit the three cigarettes. As for anger, get angry and take it out on your pillow, punch it or cry in it if necessary, there may well be tears and some salivating and mucus, do not give in to the cravings,distract yourselves with things you like to do: read ,sing ,type, breathe etc in time the cravings pass Others have done it and so will you. If you fail, forgive yourself and start over again. find something to keep your hands busy, think of something you will spend the money on that you will be saving, and of the benefits for your healing and health. do not be sidetracked keep your goal in mind, TO BE SMOKE FREE. Ask the Lord to help when it gets too much for you, and He will. God bless you both Zoe and Pete D.


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