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I want to give up smoking weed and smoking in general. How do I do it?

Last week my parents were gone and I smoked with my friends and purchased some pot that I never really got (I only spent $15 though) and I just feel bad. They trusted me with the money and I just did a bad thing. I feel like a jerk. I keep telling myself a million different kids out there have done the same thing but I just feel like a major jerk. So I’m not really a stoner I just like to smoke every once in a while. This was the first time I had even ever tried to purchase weed so how do I stop before this gets even worse? I know that everybody says that its not that bad for you and being a fan I agree with them but I dont want to be a dumbass stoner. I’m a good guy. I just feel like a jerk and I dont want it to get any worse than it has.


Oh btw, I’m a kid. 18.

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5 Responses to “I want to give up smoking weed and smoking in general. How do I do it?”

  1. kelvin S said :

    Well if someone ripped you off for your money that is a good reason not to smoke weed.

  2. SuperAwesomeChick said :

    well first of all that was a stupid thing to do and second of all it self control if you don’t have it got some were were you can get help if it get really bad but remember this it only takes one time to get addicted! 🙁

  3. yars63 said :

    – well…
    – by simply stopping cold turkey, & with a lots & lots of willpower.
    – 1 really really really needs 2 wanna stop or else forget it cuz it won’t work.
    – there is no easy way.

  4. Jeffrey said :

    Wow 18 and still a kid… Grow some balls and make your own money and buy pot at your OWN expense. Not your parents..

    On top of that your worried about it getting worse? Wow you must be dumb.

  5. Cameron said :

    agree or disagree…hmmmm…i would agree


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