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I want to learn to play guitar, any tips?

I used to play the guitar but had to give it up 3 years ago when I moved to a different town. I’ve dug out my old guitar, a “Freshman” and bought some new strings and plectrums.
Does anyone know any good books/websites for beginners?
I think I’ll pick it up quickly because I’m musical as are my family.

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10 Responses to “I want to learn to play guitar, any tips?”

  1. jaedacoy said :

    learn the g chord. ull be on your way
    works for most songs

  2. dan g said :
  3. ☮ michelle said :

    well if you learn better with structured lessons, then a good a good one is you have to pay for it but it’s worth it if you’re serious about learning. but if you’re like me and gotta do things your own way (ha), then has tabs which are very simple to read once you get the hang of it. i’m sure there’s a guide to reading tabs somewhere on that website. there are some helpful articles there too. is just a good website to have bookmarked. check it out, it’s pretty self-explanatory.

    no matter how you learn, it’s best to learn a few chords firsthand. G, D, and C are in a lot of songs. have fun! (:

  4. Himalayen hermit (h2) said :

    go to select beginners lesson and exercise on chapter per week .i m doing the same and it really works.

  5. piccolo0122 said :

    Take Lessons

  6. -Mike- said :

    Well the books I use actually can cover a wide range of music genres and styles. Even classical guitar.

    Carl Fischer writes the books on how to work out and build up your guitar playing from a starting out guitarist to a professional like myself.

    I own every single book he has on guitar and how to play. It gives the sheet music for the people who hate tabs (Like Me) But for the people who like tabs it has the tabs in the books too.

    Second of all if you never had any real guitar lessons take a few to learn to hold the guitar, and how to hold the pick. When I thought my wife how to play she kept holding the guitar wrong and I would have to correct her. The reason being is it can hurt you later on in life if you play it wrong.

    Stay away from tabs as much as you can. Online I see mainly websites that give you tabs. Which is cool if you want to learn just one song and do not want to by the band’s book. But tabs leave to many loose ends that need filled like timing, picking style, speed, Beats per measure, when to get louder and softer. If you know the song then you have the idea but the sheet music will keep you in time all the time with a metronome

    Some people tell you to learn cords first. They could not be any more wrong about learning guitar. You learn the strings indevigally first so you can make up your own cords as you go along and under stand how you get a G cord or an Fdim7 etc. It is always important to take it one string at a time when starting because cords can be tricky with finger placement and how come the A cord is an A cord.

    Other things you might want to look into is using a digital tuner to keep the instrument in tune. It is important because then you will understand and learn how the guitar should sound at all times.

    For more questions e-mail me.

  7. Anthony D said :
  8. littlejaz said :

    My favorite source of YouTube guitar videos is an Australian named Justin Sandercoe. Check out his “Justin Guitar” website for a whole slew of different lessons.

    Good luck and best wishes.

  9. partyzan777p said :
  10. scoros1a said :


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