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if you give up smoking…do you gain weight afterwards?

i have never smoked a cigarette in my life. i thinks it grosss. im trying to get my parents to quit because i love them so much and my mom is concerned she will gain a bunch of weight after she quits.

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14 Responses to “if you give up smoking…do you gain weight afterwards?”

  1. kayef57 said:

    I quit, and stayed the same, the only thing that gained weight was my wallet.

  2. dannie b said:

    some times It depends on how your body takes it when ur QUITING. And in my opinion you never should have started!

  3. quatrapiller said:

    You can. Nicotine is an appetite suppressant, so in the absence of it, you’ll get cravings for food.

    Also, some smokers have a need to go through the motions of smoking, so they are constantly putting something in their mouths (perverts – shut up).

  4. lynn said:

    You will only gain weight if you have cravings to smoke and turn to food to quench the craving. Otherwise, you cannot gain weight. Great effort if you’re quitting!!

  5. CJB said:

    yes but you should still quit

  6. Wisdom said:

    Quiting smoking does not cause people to gain weight. People who do gain weight do so because they eat…….. they replace one habit for another.

  7. EVELYN R said:

    My step mom stopped smoking and she blew up

  8. no_life_louis said:

    I know smokers well. I was one for 20 years. Your moms excuse is just her way of not having to quit smoking. A smoker will make up all kinds of things to justify smoking.
    It relaxes me. I like it. Well I don’t cough? I’ll gain weight.
    I’ll quit someday. All excuses to continue smoking.

    To answer your question though. She probably will gain a few pounds. It’s because she’ll eat when she gets the urge to smoke. Big deal? So you gain weight for 6 months. Then all you have to do is diet. She needs to understand this when she quits smoking. It’s just a part of the process.

  9. roy40372 said:

    I’m very sorry to tell you this but you sure do i know i quit and its hard not to. i ate to replace cigarettes and i put on the pounds. its much better Rio gain weight than die from smoking. i have lost two brother-in-laws to smoking and its a horrible death. i also have another one in the hospital now from smoking and they said the next cold or any kind of lung virus he is gone also. so you tell them to cal me and I’ll scare them away from cigarettes and you keep talking to them.

  10. wilma f said:

    roy needs to quit smoking pole

  11. Patti B said:

    she might at first but if she understands the reason WHY she might gain weight then she can avoid it.

    here’s the reason… when a person smokes the nicotine and other chemicals in cigarettes affect every part of the body but especially the digestive system and the immune system. because the digestive system isn’t absorbing everything it needs then the feeling of hunger stays longer and therefore she eats more when she smokes. also her immune system is not working correctly and her body will crave what it needs and she will eat more when she smokes… her body is just trying to get what it needs.

    now, when she stops smoking her digestive system will start to absorb more nutrients (and calories) from the food she’s eating and her immune system is getting what it needs…. however… because her body had been consuming a certain amount of food to get what it needs for as long as she has been smoking her mind still thinks that how much food she needs.

    people gain weight when they quit smoking because their mind hasn’t caught up with the fact that the body needs less food to function properly now that they’ve quit that unhealthy habit. also, many feel they need something in their hands and mouth and so many foods are quick and easy.

    when she quits she needs to consciously understand that her body will require less food than it used to and therefore she should eat a bit less… it takes some adjustment but her body will adjust within a few weeks. also, she needs to consciously address the habit of having something in her mouth and in her hand. you might suggest sugarless gum and some kind of hobby that will occupy her hands such as knitting, drawing, things like that.

    remind her that not smoking is sooooo much healthier and if she gains 5lbs in the first few weeks she should have no trouble taking it off now that she understand WHY she gained the weight and her body is going to function so much better that those 5 lbs will be gone again in no time.

    good luck and kudos to your family for choosing a healthier lifestyle

  12. Chi-Girli said:

    yes only if you have something else to occupy your self with like immediately start a work out regiment avoid sweet sugary things as they go hand in hand like caffeine and ciggies or any caffeinated products as these are stimulants we are drawn to and grasp at for a quick endorphin rush
    Lunch breaks hang out at the office with others that do not smoke and avoid going to the local gas stations and place you usually go to by the cigg’s as this will only have your mind scrambling friustrating and searching for a quick fix to take your mind off you will either resort to food or relapse
    Good Luck email me as I can give ya some of my work out tips that have allowed me to quit cold turkey and be successful at the weight portion as well

  13. eva said:

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  14. Kathy J said:


    Great post! Quitting smoking was the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life, and I thought I wasn’t addicted!

    Here’s what I tried before finding success: hypnosis, those fake cigaretts, the nicotine patch, and group therapy….none worked.

    I finally tried this HERBAL patch I bought 6 months ago on the net. They claim a 97% success rate. Well, it worked! They had a sweet deal which was a free 10 day trial for only $3.95 including shipping (it’s regularly $53 for 10 days)!!

    I don’t know if they still have that deal, but it’s worth a try.

    Good Luck


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