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If you’re a virtuoso on piano should you learn guitar?

I might want to learn guitar but i dono………… can play anything on guitar on piano (it won’t sound exactly the same though with bends and hammer-ons and all that stuff)

So if someone gives me a good reason to learn it then I will………….sum1 plz inspire me…………
yaaa I just want to look cool in front of all of you that ‘s why I call myself a virtuoso =p

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4 Responses to “If you’re a virtuoso on piano should you learn guitar?”

  1. Anderson W said :

    umm sure why not

  2. Brandon F said :

    guitar is awesome, thats why.

    and I highly doubt you are a virtuoso on piano, provided you even know what that is.

  3. Switch said :

    hmm… funny. if you need someone to inspire you to play, don’t even bother. you wouldn’t be doing it for YOU anyway.

  4. BUSTER BENDEM said :

    why wouldn’t you want to learn the guitar? especially if you have the ability. some people cant carry a tune in a bucket, have you seen some of the stuff on you tube, Oh wait heres one! check this kid out.


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