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I’m afraid to give up smoking because of how stressful my life is right now?

I just can’t give up, I feel that because im with the mrsit’s too much stress

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4 Responses to “I’m afraid to give up smoking because of how stressful my life is right now?”

  1. Alfonse said:

    It is not a good idea to try to quit when you are stressed out, but as an ex smoker, I seemed to always find an excuse not to quit, until I finally did.

  2. Francis Alves said:

    Its got nothing to do with anything. If smoking relaxes you then start looking for alternatives. There are plenty of other non narcotic or chemically changed things that can relax you. You just gotta find which of these things can substitute the tobacco. Nah Im not talking about those stupid patches.
    By the way ignore anything with lavender as it causes impotence to all males.
    All these are examples to become relaxed but to quit smoking is only up to you. Whenever you feel stressed and want a smoke remember these relaxation exercises. But you also need to get angry. Get angry with yourself and just say. No!! Ok buddy.

  3. Dunpeal said:

    Try some pot

  4. quit smoking completely | My ZING net said:

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