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Im giving up smoking and doing it today how long before the cravings go away?

and if you gave up what advice did you give yourself to stay off them If i gave them up I save 35 pounds a week and i will feel healthier and so will my kids im going from 20 a day to nothing please help advice thanks
i did drop it twice when i was pregnant with my 2 kids didnt need gum just alot of willpower i think i can do it again i hope so at least

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6 Responses to “Im giving up smoking and doing it today how long before the cravings go away?”

  1. Ken said :

    I wll be totally honest with you, when I quit, the cravings NEVER went away, they just were strong or very weak. Every day I don’t smoke, I still crave a cigarette. It has nothing to do with me drinking or being bored, it was just a constant desire for me. I still am very pleased that I quit, and any craving does not compare to the feeling of not smoking anymore. My health, senses, and attitude has totally changed.

    I just am giving you my experience, I quit smoking 6 years ago. The first 3 days were pretty tough, but again, I will always want a cigarette, I will just fight not to have one. Anything worth having, is worth fighting for, remember that when you want to light up a smoke.

  2. bklyn_40 said :

    It’s tough.
    The physical addiction is gone within 2-4 days, depending on body fat.
    The mental addiction is different. That can last days, weeks or a lifetime(sorry). I used Nicorette gum when the cravings were strong & I stayed away from smokers as long as I could the first few weeks to avoid the temptation and desires.
    You need to change your habits too. Stay away from or do things different that trigger that desire to smoke.
    For instance, if you always lite up after dinner in a specific spot, (living room, dining room…) don’t go there. After dinner step outside or lie down.
    If you smoke with tea, drink coffee or give it up.
    Good Luck

  3. mass said :

    There is a saying ” I am good at dropping cigarette smoking” ” I did it 10 times over”
    You can never stop smoking in steps. Just drop it and you will not smoke..
    Look in those days people used to smoke in open places and in airports and bus/rail stations.
    when ban came on smoking.. a chain smoker does not smoke 4 hours before the flight since he has to report 3 hours earlier and one hour travel time these days.
    add 15 to20 hours flight and then add to this the immigration formalities for another 1 to 2 hours. collection of baggage another one hour. He will smoke after nearly 30 hours. What happend to his urge.
    The bottom line is decide to drop and you have done it.
    Dont take paliatives like gum and other things to replace smoking.

  4. Stevie G said :

    Good for you!

    I had cravings for months after I quit, but I know plenty of people whose cravings went away after a week or two, or had no cravings at all. I replaced cigarettes with chewing gum, to satisfy the oral fixation and took aspirin to get rid of the headaches. Quitting is hard, but definitely worth the health benefits.

    Best of luck!

  5. Joshua H said :

    The cravings reach their peak at 3-5 days, then get better every day. If you can make it to two weeks, you have a much better chance of staying smoke free. The worst should be over by 4-6 weeks. You’ll still have some cravings after that but they’ll lessen with time. They may never go away entirely — you’re going to be feeling those pangs of anxiety again that you haven’t felt since you started smoking, and each time, you’re going to think automatically “I want a cigarette” — but they’ll be mild enough so that they’re manageable.

    The one thing you must avoid is letting it get you down and saying “I’m going to smoke just one, get some relief, and go on from there.” If you have just one, you’ll be right back where you were before you stopped, and all your effort will have been wasted!

  6. shekar said :

    it depends on ur strength n u have to try to avoid


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