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I’m trying to make apple chips and the recipe says to use parchment paper.?

What could I use instead that I’ll be more likely to have around the house already. I already know you can’t use wax but what about just put putting the apple onto a thin baking pan or something? And if there is nothing to replace it, what is parchment paper?

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19 Responses to “I’m trying to make apple chips and the recipe says to use parchment paper.?”

  1. LISA M said :

    u can buy it at a craft store and ask the clerk to help u, i had to get it for a project

  2. j0vena said :

    you can use wax paper.

  3. HONORARIUS said :

    Parchment Paper is NOT THE SAME THING AS WAX PAPER… They are NOT interchangeable…

    You can buy it at the grocery store… It comes on a roll just like stretch wrap and wax paper… It’s much cheaper there than at a craft store…

  4. andrea s said :

    It’s just like wax paper. So food doesn’t stick

  5. united9198 said :

    You might get by with a cookie sheet, but parchment paper works better. You can buy it pretty easily these days.

  6. Anouk said :

    aluminum foil, but spray w/ a little Pam spray first……………….

  7. Red said :

    If the thin pan is blackened (old/used) or teflon coated you should be fine. No paper needed

  8. CD - That's Me! said :

    Parchment paper is a heavy grease-resistant paper used to line cake pans or baking sheets, to wrap foods for baking en papillote and to make disposable piping bags. For the apple chips you should be able to just put them right on a flat baking pan or cookie sheet. Good luck!

  9. none said :

    You can use wax paper, but it won’t turn out as well.

    You can get parchment paper at any fine kitchen supply or food shop. Like Sur la Table, Williams-Sonoma, Whole Foods, or maybe your local grocery store. I know my local Ralph’s carries it.

    PS: BAKING parchment is NOT the same as plain craft parchment. You don’t want to start a fire in your oven do you?

  10. ptandps said :

    Freezer paper…if you do not put in oven. The parch paper keeps the sugars from sticking to the pan, so will the freezer paper. If directly on pan, you will have so much stuck, very hard to remove. Learn to keep parchment around…it is so worth it! Almost all groceries have it now in the wraps section.

    If you use a cooking spray, it can keep your apples from sticking, but also will keep them from becoming crisp.

  11. bfdco2 said :

    dont listen to the moron who said to use waxed paper unless you want a fire and wax all over your fruit. Get the parchment, it has many other uses that you will enjoy later – mainly keeping you from scrubbing food off of your cookie sheets. Its kind of like waxed paper, except it can be heated in the oven

  12. Keltic Knot said :

    Brown paper bag. I use a thinnish one all the time when I’m out of parchment. Just watch it closely. If the recipe calls for paper, it is because of how the heat gets to the bottom and around the apple chips.

  13. Lauren W said :

    parchment paper = kitchen parchment = baking pan liner paper = baking parchment = baking paper

    Notes: This is a heavy, silicone-coated paper that’s used to line pans so that candies and baked goods won’t stick. It’s an expensive alternative to waxed paper, but it’s less sticky, so it’s a good choice if you’re making gooey items.

    Parchment paper is also wrapped around foods to be cooked en papillote, or formed into cones for cake decorating. Specialty cooking stores and larger supermarkets often carry rolls or sheets of it.

    Paper grocery bags are sometimes recommended as a substitute for parchment paper, but it’s not advisable to use them. Grocery bags will ignite at 450 degrees, and that they may have been treated with unsafe chemicals.

    Substitutes: waxed paper (This is a lot cheaper, but it’s more likely to stick to gooey baked goods. Try greasing the waxed paper before using.) OR rice paper (as a baking pan liner) OR aluminum foil (Works well for cooking en papillote. If greased, it also works well as a liner for baking pans.) OR lightly grease baking pan (This tends to encourage cookies to spread out on the baking sheet.) OR nonstick baking sheet

  14. blueturtle5679 said :

    Parchment paper can be found in the grocery store in the same section as wax paper, foil, plastic wrap, etc. It comes in a roll that is in a box put the box is a little longer than a box of foil or wax paper. It’s very inexpensive and nothing sticks to it. I wouldn’t put the apples on just a baking sheet as they will probably stick. If you don’t want to use parchment paper, there is this silicone sheet called a silpat that you can get to place on a baking sheet and it is reusable and is amazing – you can find them at amazon or at bed bath and beyond. I included a link to that and to parchment paper so you know what to look for.

  15. RSJ said :

    You should use the parchment paper. I don’t think you’ll find it in a grocery store. I get mine at Williams Sonoma. I use the paper all the time to bake cookies. Put the paper on the sheet, then batter on the paper. No need to grease or spray with Baker’s Joy/ Pam. After cooling a bit out of the oven, I set paper and cookies on a cooling rack. Discard paper when cookies are ready- and no mess to clean up.

  16. Tara O said :

    as long as your baking them then yes you can use aluminum foil or a thin baking pan. parchment paper is like wax paper except the paper is treated to be resistant to grease, heat, and moisture. you can use it to bake, microwave and freeze food. reynolds wrap makes the one i buy

  17. Nathalie K said :

    You can lay the apples directly on the pan…..I have never use parchment when drying apples.

  18. Maid in England said :

    Parchment paper is baking paper, you use it to line pans and tins so food doesn’t stick and you don’t need to grease them.
    You should be able to find it in the home baking area at any supermarket.
    You can also use greaseproof paper or very lightly grease your baking trays.
    Don’t use waxed paper- that’s used for putting in the top of home-made jars of jam etc, it’s not heatproof and if you use it in the oven you’ll most likely have a fire.

  19. danilanikolae said :


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