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In desperate need of dog obedience classes but don’t know where to find them?

I have two puppies (8 and 5 months old) and they are both in desperate need of some obedience classes.
However, I am having problems trying to locate one that is local to us? Where can I find that details of one?

I live in Kent in UK…

Please help x

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5 Responses to “In desperate need of dog obedience classes but don’t know where to find them?”

  1. carolyn1968 said:

    call you local vet office they should have the numbers

  2. tom s said:

    ask your vet,thy will know of one

  3. Irena D said:

    I found this link that looks like could be usefull for your need. Or you can try a local directory.
    I think there is some for Kent, UK

    Good luck

  4. VW said:

    If you have a Pet Store ask them or your Vets office

  5. Allen M said:

    There is this obedience class if that is near you.

    Have you considered doing the training yourself? It’s not that difficult once you know how. When I got my daughter a little mastiff pup for her birthday last year, I didn’t know anything about dogs. With a little research and help from some guides online, I was able to train him myself and I think he came out perfect 🙂 Check out some of the guides at

  6. Camille Dickson said: is great if that is near you. Jackie the lady that runs it is great and very knowledgeable.


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