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In what ways does Tex-Mex food differ from California Mexican food, indeed if it is different at all?

What about Arizona and New Mexico while we’re at it? I know real Mexican food is a lot different from its American hybrid, but in what ways do American regional varieties differ from one another? For example, in Texas, Mexican food is prepared in such a way while in California, it is done in another way. Thanks!

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4 Responses to “In what ways does Tex-Mex food differ from California Mexican food, indeed if it is different at all?”

  1. krennao said :

    I would think TeX Mex, would be dishes that are American but using Mexican spices , or herbs to give it the Ethnic flavor, it may not be different at all, I lived in both Texas and Colorado, did not find much of a difference between each. It s just different from Mexican food, based on where the dishes originated from. That would be the difference.

  2. Breeze said :

    Tex-Mex refers to food from Mexico with a Texas flair.
    Most of the cooks in Texas (esp. S. Texas are from Mexico).
    I think we have the best Mexican food there is. I even don’t eat Mexican Food if it is prepared North of Austin Texas.
    I don’t like the so-called Mexican food in California either.

  3. ashley h said :

    Really as you said it is all prepared a different way, in different places. The color smell taste texture could be different it all depends on who makes it.

  4. rayehawk said :

    Different styles and different ingredients depending on where the early (and majority) of the immigrants are from.

    Tex, Colorado, & New Mex areas are pretty similar. Green anaheim chiles, smothered burritos and the stew that we call green chili are very important. Refried pinto beans, “spanish” rice.

    California is Mission style – fish tacos, rice and beans included in a handheld burrito, whole black beans.

    In the Pacific North West (where I am now), “green chili” is a thinner, tomatillo based sauce, food is milder, more Americanized, *except* in the ever increasing number of “taco trucks” in parking lots. Real, honest, authentic Mexican tacos! Soft corn tortillas, cotija cheese, radishes and limes on the side. Yeehaa!


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