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Is is okay to drink green tea when you are pregnant?

I drink green tea twice a day. I know that green tea does have little caffeine in it.
I just realized that I am pregnant. Will green tea harm my baby? Please let me know.

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6 Responses to “Is is okay to drink green tea when you are pregnant?”

  1. Invisible Pink ~ RN said :

    Huge NO NO –

    The antioxidants can affect the folic acid resulting in neural tube defects –

  2. Lizzy said :

    I read in a baby book that green tea is very harmful because it has antioxidants… Stop drinking it

  3. Applebory said :

    may be you can ask your doctor for help

  4. Botal said :


  5. Richard said :

    Twice a day is safe and you should keep your tea light and not too strong.

  6. teaconnoisseur said :

    Here’s an article about safe teas for pregnant women. it suggests Rooibos flavors to try.


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