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is it easy 2 give up smoking or not?

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4 Responses to “is it easy 2 give up smoking or not?”

  1. Boxer said :

    I’m a smoker…For me it wouldn’t be all that hard…It depends on how addictive of a personality you have.

  2. zeppelin6591 said :

    Addiction is just a myth. People smoke to look cool and they are worried they will look lame if they stop. You can smoke as much as you want and quit anytime as long as you don’t care about all the people who will be making fun of you for stopping.

  3. jennygrabowsky said :

    It really depends on the person. For me it was a horror (I was smoking for 6 years), but for Larry (my brother)…for him it was like asking a question on Yahoo Answers = easy.

    btw I used this service:

  4. Kat said :

    no its not every easy.. but keep trying. men can quit easier then women. Im on the chantax pill. its working for me. good luck


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