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Is it ever too late to give up smoking?

I’ve heard over the years and from several different sources that it’s too late to quit smoking after so many years, that the smoking has already caused scarring of the lung tissue thats going to cause problems later on. Also, that smoking takes years off your life…smoking 32 years, I must be pretty close to death as it is.

I don’t want to hear anti-smoking lectures from anti-smoking Nazi’s, please. I’m looking for legitimate information. I already know smoking is not good for me, but I’ve been doing it for 32 years and I want to know what the point would be if it’s not going to help after all.

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3 Responses to “Is it ever too late to give up smoking?”

  1. Yes said:

    It’s never too late to quit. The more you smoke the more damage you cause. The younger you are the more your body will heal itself, and since you’ve been smoking 32 years I would guess you’re about 50. There’s still a lot of life ahead of you and you’re young enough that your body can heal some of the damage.

  2. Sbarajas416 said:

    No it’s never too late.
    There are several reasons to say this like for one you can consider how you are giving less second hand smoke whether it be to people or to the environment. Any amount less can be helpful even if it’s just a day less worth.
    Also any changes about your diet/consummation can affect your health majorly especially with something like smoking. Cutting off smoking can increase your days of living by a lot.

  3. Miss Millee Maggot said:

    Ive been smoking since i was about 12 n now im 18 n i gave up like a month ago, just had my last packet n didn’t buy anouther one, But im not inspiration, im still riddled with bad habits.
    Simply give up if you want to?
    you could have medical stuff wrong with you from smoking, but you might not yet? Who knows! (ur doctor might lol)
    yeah you know smoking does all that bad shit, n watever, we’ve all seen the adds everywhere!! but who knows What really happens when you die, each to there own what ever yu believe, ((I believe we don’t know what happens!! end of story lol))
    Do you think your quality of live will change if you dont smoke? health, money, friends & family and all that jazz.
    In the end you just have to sum up, what you, yourself want in your life.


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