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Is it necessary to learn Acoustic Guitar before learning Electric Guitar?

Hey!! I want to learn Guitar but i am interested in electric guitar rather than the basic one….
Some say that I can learn electric guitar only if i know to play the basic thingy…..
So, I want to know if I can learn Electric Guitar directly or is it necessary to learn Basic guitar before i learn the former….

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15 Responses to “Is it necessary to learn Acoustic Guitar before learning Electric Guitar?”

  1. Austin said :

    Starting out on accoustic is easier. It’s like swimming in the shallow end. Once you get good start playing electric.

  2. green_day _are_ best™ said :

    I learnt acoustic first and electric is pretty much the same. You only need to know how to play acoustic if you’re interested in playing it. otherwise, just learn electric

  3. w_dunham4 said :

    I learned on electric, but in order to get it right, you need an amp that works, a cable and the guitar itself. the tuner is optional, but it really really helps. if you need a link or something I can get you one to free online lessons.

  4. Chantal said :

    it doesn’t really matter, but your family/neighbors might appreciate if you star out acoustic.

  5. cdrotherham said :

    No. Electric guitars are easier to play than acoustics.

  6. Penny said :

    Hello there,

    You can learn on any guitar. It does not matter if it is acoustic or electric. The notes are the same. The strings are tuned to the same note. You use the same fingering for the chords. No difference in the learning.

    There are physical differences. With the electric it helps to have an amplifier to hear it. The length of the fretboard may be different (ie the number of frets long). All that is physical difference. It has no real impact on learning to play the guitar.

    If you have no desire to play the acoustic, do not waste your money on one. Start with the electric. Learning to play is hard enough without forcing yourself to play something you are not interested in.

    Good luck,

  7. R I A said :

    It’s easier to learn the basics on acoustic, in my humble opinion.
    I doubt that it’s absolutely necessary, but I would start out with the acoustic and then reach my way up there to electric.

    Good luck with your guitar-ing!

  8. gretschplaya said :

    You don’t have to. You can learn either, really. I learned on an electric before I started on an acoustic. It’s really up to you.

  9. Burt said :

    you can start out on electric. it’s just that most people start out with the acoustic

  10. Miguelito said :

    no, electric and acuostic has the same notes

  11. Phill said :

    I started on an electric guitar and got on just fine. Most acoustic guitars have wider necks compared to electric guitars and that often makes playing acoustics more difficult to play.

    The reason people say start on an acoustic is because its pretty much ready to go out of the box whereas an electric guitar needs an amplifier and a cable to get started, but lets be honest, if you’ve decided to play electric then that’s what you’re going to get anyway!

    The main thing to remember is, playing simple chords and riffs are pretty much the same on either, so its really just down to your preference of playing style you’d like to learn. If its rock or metal you’re after learning, then electric is the sensible choice, but if basic strumming, finger picking, easy listening, folk or country style is your bag, then the acoustic would be my preferred choice.

  12. Jordan said :

    yeah sure

  13. Richie said :

    no its not necessary you can start on either one i started on electric and ive had mine for eight months and i can already shred like crazy with no lessons

  14. Johnny said :

    No You Don’t have to! The Principles on Both Guitars is more or less the Same, Except One is Amplified and Easier to “Finger” {The Electric}…Rock On! :o)

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