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Is it possble to learn to play guitar via internet ??

I know it will be kinda lame but I really love guitars. Please if you know any site will help me. I need everything from the very basics. Thank you !! 🙂

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3 Responses to “Is it possble to learn to play guitar via internet ??”

  1. lexo80 said :

    No. Learn the guitar from playing along with music you love. If it sounds good to you, and works, then it’s your style. I don’t know of a single decent guitar tutor website.

  2. guitar_chick said :

    dont use the internet! buy some beginner books and once you learn the basics you could look up some songs on youtube to learn…..more the ones that you love

  3. yuene said :

    You can learn the majoroty of things you need to know to become a decent guitarist on the internet. I reccommend and also


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