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Is it possible to make home made vanilla extract, or a good substitute?

I bake a lot, and good vanilla extract is expensive.

Is there any way to make it at home with vanilla beans?

I am not sure what the liquid would be.

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7 Responses to “Is it possible to make home made vanilla extract, or a good substitute?”

  1. ibu guru said:

    Yes, but vanilla beans are so expensive it usually isn’t worth it. So’s the vodka. Vanilla beans aren’t always widely available, either. Also, at home you might not the quality control and standardized strength of commercial vanilla extract. If you cook, it’s easier to stick with commercial vanilla extract.

    I never use “vanilla flavoring” — it’s artificial chemicals, not the same thing as pure vanilla extract.

  2. Dizzle said:

    Vanilla beans are MUCH more expensive than any vanilla extract you would generally purchase at a grocery store and they won’t make nearly the quantity you’re going for.

    As an alternative to making your own, if you have a Michael’s Crafts store near you they have the cheapest pure vanilla extract I’ve ever seen and it works great, has a nice flavor.

  3. icampillosa said:

    I agree with the others, I do bake a lot , because I sell cakes, nothing is better than the pure extract

  4. sweetroll said:

    Something I never tried, but heard of from a person who baked a lot. She bought some really good fresh vanilla beans at a gourmet specialty store. (This was before the net so I am sure now you can buy them online). She steeped them in about a cup or so of Vodka in a tightly sealed jar for a couple of weeks in a warm dark place.
    What I remember was that the smell was heavenly and what she baked with this mixture tasted great.

  5. Mommy of 2 and 1 on the way! said:

    Here are a few of the websites that I found to make home made vanilla extract, but it may actually be cheaper and more convient just to buy it out of the store. Well Good Luck!,1-0,vanilla_extract,FF.html

  6. Gampaw Archie said:

    Oh you bake a lot. I thought you was trying to get drunk on the vanilla like some people I know do. Good you’re looking to make it at home it’s getting real expensive at the grocers.

    Tell you what, I have never searched anything on these contraptions, but I will search this one for you.
    Here you go

    Looks like the liquid is vodka. Looks like it takes six months to make but it’s worth it too.
    Here’s a page that tells you about all the different kinds of vanilla extracts

  7. Lindsey said:

    well i always use kahula when i dont have vanilla extract…..the alcohol in the liquor does not even factor out to be anything in the recipe so dont worry about using it in recipes for kids to eat and everything, and it just great for cookies, brownied etc. and it tastes the exact same as if vanilla was used


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