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is my dog too old for obedience class?

my dog (chico), is a chihuahua and he’s 3 years old. i really want to take him to obedience class this summer, but i don’t kno if he’s too old to learn or not!
i would have taken him when he was a puupy, but my parents thought that it was a waste of time and money. but now they realize that his behavior from when he was a puppy wasn’t something he was just going to grow out of…
will he learn if i take him?

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6 Responses to “is my dog too old for obedience class?”

  1. greekangel22002 said:

    there is no age limit when it comes to obedience class

  2. butterflygirl said:

    it wouldn’t hurt to try.but he might be a little old you never know.

  3. Great Dane Lady said:

    Your dog is not too old to learn. At 3 yrs, he is still a young adult. We train even older dogs than yours when we get them in rescue. Most dogs who come into rescue have not been trained for anything.

  4. aussie said:

    There is no age limit for obedience class. It is somtimes more difficult to teach a older dog as the bad training has to be undone. You can teach a old dog new tricks

  5. Tiss said:

    You can definitely take a three year old dog to obedience classes. They can still learn. The main thing to remember is to keep up with what you learn in class. Don’t stop when the class ends. This is true with dogs of any age. Good luck!

  6. Jay said:

    There is very good chance that he will. Dogs can produce miracles, even when old and close to death, for the sake of their masters. One odd exceptional case, especially if not handled properly, cannot be ruled out totally. Then, there is the question of how other family members feel about it.


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