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Is my dog too old for obedience classes?

I have a GSD who is turning 3 in april and i wanted to take him to obedience classes, but would he be too old?

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14 Responses to “Is my dog too old for obedience classes?”

  1. Bonzie12 said :

    heck no. you can take them at any age. when I adopted my older GSD who was 7 at the time, I took her to obedience classes just so we could bond better. GSD’s always love to learn new things too, so take him, he’ll love it.

  2. Amber C said :

    NO. never to old to train but GSD are very smart and he is still young. It might take a little more work and I’d underline might.

  3. petstore sell puppymill pets said :

    Dogs are NEVER too old for obedience class.

  4. Holly said :

    They saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”…Total myth! I’m teaching my older dogs new things all the time! It’s never too late for obedience training. I think it’s a great idea. You may be able to teach an older dog faster actually as they are less hyper and distracted than puppies.

  5. Dont Litter! Spay or Neuter said :

    Dogs are never too old to learn.

  6. Dragonfry said :

    No your dog is not too old. In fact your dog may really enjoy some training. They thrive on interaction with their owners. The police do not start training dogs for protection or patrol work until the dogs are between 2 and 3 years old because they want the dogs to mature and have steady temperaments. So your dog is prefect for training. I have worked with many an older dog and they really do like working. So get to class and have fun.

  7. Marie said :

    No of course not. Dogs are never too old to learn. I am sure there will be dogs there that are much older than your dog. 🙂

  8. never normal said :

    it will just be harder for your dog to get to know the commands

  9. Fd said :

    you CAN teach an old dog NEW tricks

  10. Heart W said :

    I adopted a ten year old dog who had had no previous training and put two AKC obedience titles on her and she was top twenty ranked, so no. She retired from competition at 14 and only because, in the noisy dog show environment, she started having trouble hearing.

  11. lr said :

    i would say no, hes only 3 that’s still a puppy but you should start soon. i have a black lab and he just turned 4 and he is still able to learn things. if your having obedience problems like jumping, going in the garbage or anything you don’t like either go online and on if you type in the problem sometimes they have really good video on what you can do, so maybe try that before you go spending money on obedience training.

  12. mauveme49 said :

    No, not at all. He will enjoy it.

  13. a2483157 said :

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