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Is pressure cooking really a great way to prepare food?

I just bought a pressure cooker and have never used one before. Not sure if I should keep it or send it back.

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6 Responses to “Is pressure cooking really a great way to prepare food?”

  1. Poutine said:

    they are great
    especially for stews

  2. KDC23 said:

    My family uses a pressure cooker often. Especially to make stuffed cabbage rolls and all sorts of good stuff. Here is a link that will give you an idea on why pressure cooking is good and a ton of recipes (link at top of page) for using the pressure cooker. Its good healthy eating and make some very moist and delicious dinners.


  3. leif_66_13 said:

    They are wonderful! Instead of taking all day to cook a juicy “fall apart” roast, it only takes 30 to 40 minutes.

  4. John F said:

    Good for you. I hope you keep it and use it for years and years.

    As for it being a great way to prepare food, just about everything that the food processing industry puts in a can comes out of the pressure cooker. As a method of cooking food it has stood the test of time. A great way to do all sorts of cheaper cuts of meat. And a great way to cook expensive cuts of meat.

    Check out the web site for tons of info and recipes. Once you have mastered all the ins and outs of pressure cooking and canning, you will wonder how you could have got by without one till now. Just don’t do the bread machine trick and put it away in some hard to get at spot and go back to buying gooey bread.

  5. Renzo said:

    keep it! pressure cookers are daunting at first but great once you get used to working with them. They are great for things like chili, or stews, stocks, and soups that usually would require a long cooking time.

  6. catsmeatuk said:

    Speedwise they’re great. And, as they take less time to cook stuff, they use less energy, which has to be a bonus.


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