Is there a name/term for the cut up pork ribs which include the cartilage?

What are they called at the butcher shop, and what are they called at restaurants?

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5 Responses to “Is there a name/term for the cut up pork ribs which include the cartilage?”

  1. envi23 said:

    Rib Tips?

  2. Krys said:

    Pork Spareribs, St. Louis Style (will be labeled the same at restaurants and a butcher shop but restaurants will probably have something fancy in the name such as ‘St Louis Kickin’ Spareribs’)

    St. Louis Style Ribs originate from pork spareribs and are prepared by removing the brisket bone approximately parallel to the rib side, exposing cartilage on the brisket bone side. Skirt meat is removed.

    Hope this is what you are looking for – cheers!

  3. Anthony S said:

    Pork spare ribs.In a restaurant they write on the menu Pork spare ribs in BLA BLA sauce or whatever sounds interesting.

  4. zakiit said:

    Rack of ribs.

  5. Dave C said:

    pork ribs that include the cartilage… implies you’re wanting to buy a whole slab of spare ribs.

    Rib terminology
    Slab of spare ribs = spare ribs + the cartilage (sternum)

    St Louis Style ribs = spare ribs and no cartilage (cartilage trimmed off)

    Rib Tips = the cartilage part leftover from trimming the slab into St Louis style ribs.

    So when you call your butcher, just ask for a “slab or spare ribs” or an “untrimmed slab of spare ribs” if you want the cartilage included.


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