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Is there a way to learn to play guitar online?

When I was in high school I had 1 or 2 “friends” that told me that they learned to play the guitar on the internet for free. How many of you have done this already? Is it possible without having to go to classes? Is there a website(s) that you can recommend me so I can just learn to play the guitar online?

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5 Responses to “Is there a way to learn to play guitar online?”

  1. Julian said :
  2. tytrytryry said :

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  3. Morello/Picasso said :

    I wouldnt recommend learning guitar online. I learned it from a teacher and it’s a lot better because they explain it to you and they slow down if you need them to and you can ask them questions

  4. nitsujl said :

    Taking lessons is kind of a waste of money. unless your teacher is friggin amazing as a player and has a lot to offer (most of them aren’t). the people who would tell you otherwise mostly are teacher themselves (which makes sense). I learned to play by myself and have been playing for 5 years, but I’ve also taken lessons with different instructors. and they really dont do much good, they mostly just tell you what you already know, and they go at an extremely slow pace.

    There’s more freedom when you learn by yourself. my advice for you is since you already have friends who play, let them teach you the basics. Basic chord shapes, scales. From that point on it really depends on how good you want to be.

    Youtube is an awesome way to learn for free, there r a lot of people who post lessons there. and if you have questions you can always message the person. This is also a good place for information, there are also ton of musicians who browse yahoo answers that can and will help you out with your questions, if you have any. and you can always go on guitar forums like Ultimate-guitar which has like a few article lessons to offer.

    The only down side about learning by yourself, is pace. You really don’t know if you’re improving at the rate you should/could be improving. that’s why I highly recommend you start learning with a friend (better yet 2, or 3 friends). because that builds competition, which is awesome motivation for learning guitar.

    Lastly what I found from my experience is that. learning for free is doable, however you can be excelling at a much more alarming pace if you’re willing to spend atleast some money. for example subscribe to one of the guitar magazines, they cost about 1dollar a month. and they have really good information in there. Also instructional DVD’s are SOOOO HELPFUL. Theyre more useful than instructors, and they cost a shitload less, and they’re more diverse and flexible (as in you can prolly find a DVD on whatever style, you’d like. or whatever you feel you need to improve on.) unlike instructors. (say you want to play jazz but your instructor only plays classical, or vice versa =/).

  5. guitar girl said :


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